Thursday, December 3, 2009


CHAPTER 1 (Part I)
In this chapter, I wanna share bout Mr. X... Haha. Of course... He was the hot topic in my blog. So that's the first thing... :D Okay... Hm... Haha. Damn... So like 'CAN I DO THIS?!' Haha. I'll try, though... I told you that I hate him, rite? He was my enemy. Best enemy. Huh. But... Huns, u better get ready for this... I mean, my story bout Mr. X. Haha. Seriously. Okay, I'll continue...

Rite... Hm... Haha. I'm not ready, actually... Huh... Okay, I'll... U wanna know... He's my MR now! DAMN! Haha! Yes, he's my MR... I never thought that I'll be his Mrs... Never thought of it before... Never ever... Huh... I hurt my friends' feelings... Damn... But I guess, my heart knows me better. Of course... Lala. He's mine now and I'm his... Actually, this is how the story goes... During PMR... Everyone was busy with books. So was I... And... We ada bilik menunggu. 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D ditmpatkan di at bilik mesyuarat atas there... And... From that on, my MR and I getting closer... I mean, as u know, we people hardly can talk, rite... And we didn't talk much. But eye contact... We did that a lot... Huh. I never thought bout this thing. But what can I do...? Haha. After spending a week together in the same room, we ada PROGRAM SLPS PMR. I did join... One of the program. Badminton. Yup, badminton. It was a last minute choice, u see... I didn't wanna follow any of the program but damn, the teacher paksa2 me to ikut... Huh. So on the day of penyerahan borang penyertaan program, still, me blom pilih mana satu yg me mau ikut... DAMN! Huh~ So, I was like ' MAN! SHIT HAPPENED!' I dun wanna kena hukum after PMR, okay?! So last minute decision, I saw the word 'BADMINTON' and I simply ticked on it and DONE! I have to join it for about 2 weeks. Haha. What a fate? I wore baju uniform sekolah on that day.. Haha. Mcm mna mau main badminton smbil pkai bju skolah? But I didn't care... Muka tembok katakan...Haha. Then, as I masuk ke dlm dewan... DAMN! He's here?! OMGosh! He saw me in a weird look. Haha. Of course! Look at me! I am wearing the school uniform! Huh! But still... I can play badminton well! Huh! As I walked further, he laughed at me. Urgh! I had no friend dat time. Shit... But then, I saw Cab... She's joining it too! Wee~ At least lha me xkan kena buli with that ASSHOLE! Haha. I was so happy for seeing Cab dat time... She's my savior... Ngee~

So... From that on... We jadi rapat n my MR and I took the chance to break our lakonan for this long. Haha. We did enjoy ourselves... Of course... I've spent 2 weeks with him and lala... I didn't know since when we two can jadi couple bha. Huh. Haha... It happened in a blink of an eye. DONE WITH CHAPTER 1 :)

I'm scare! I didn't know if I can score my PMR... Shit... Oh, dear... What can I do? I'll be waiting... :/

PHOTOS! Ngee~ Me, my MR (Hasler), Cabrini and Fahim... We 4 jadi best friends at first... Then, haha, my MR and i buat jalan cerita sendiri... I hope... We can make it till a beautiful ending...

U CAN ALWAYS TELL WHICH ONE IS ME... The one yg x penah mau tgk lens camera... That's me... Haha


Aie... Nank boring mlm towk... Dah la MR ku ea sik da kdit... Huh... Sik pa... Ku memahami... Mlm towk, hujan... Mlm towk, panas. Mlm towk, lapar... GILA!! Dah la boring gik ea... Huh... Nank merana lha mun kdak towk. Aie3... Pelik juak bha... Ku kaka bhasa Srwk tok Chapter towk... Haha. Sik sedar ku... Lgipun... KU EPPY BHA ARI TOWK! Haha... Eppy sik ikhlas... Ku nggar suma adik2 ku hm...mksud ku...sister2 ku nok kcik2 ya FRUST menonggeng ngan kisah cinta cdak nya... Alalalaa... Mun cdak nya sedih, aku juak jadi pndengar... Haha. Nank best lha jadi kakak towk... Ngee~ Hm... Ku asa smpey towk jak lha post ku ari towk... Mngantok dh ku kinek... Huhu. Good night... LALA~ I'LL BE BACK! :D

Friday, September 18, 2009


SHOPPING! Yea, my girls n I went to shop at da mall today. Wow! We spent a lot! Kinda... Haha. Itupun msih blum puas. Huhu. Nothing much, u see. Just SHOPPING!. We shopped like there's no tomorrow. How can I say...? I love to shop very much. Haiz. If I could. Okay! I will never forget diz incident! I mean... shopping is about destiny. Haha. For me. I don't what else to tell nor type...

Dyona Intan with her bestie, Florence Joshua

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Saya gila, Thank you.

It's raining, raining... Oh, baby, it's raining, raining... Pa kha me ini...? Today, hari, hujan. Best aih! Lala. Ok... I was so happy today, at school. Bkoz... I dunno why. Lol. Ya la, ya la, I have to admit dat I like X. Eeee! Urgh! Mcm mna ini?? Angau dh. Pa kha me ini...? Yer... Ok. My story, today. Dtg skul truz jak prgi 3B. Lepak there... Best bha. My friends, kbnyakannya di sana. Huhu. So, lepak pnya lepak. I saw X. He dtg skul... Haha. He glanced at me and walked away. U know wat, my boy friends(not special ones) hate him so much. Bkoz... U know, jealous. He's a 'AWW!' for the girls. Rite... If I tell them dat I have a relation with him, apu, they'll kill me for sure. Haiz. I better keep it as a secret to myself. I guess. Nah! Ada la sesetengah of my buddies yg tauk psal me n him. Only da ones dat I trust. Ok, sambung balik with his story. It's raining... We gossip2 la psal pa2 jak yg ada kaitan with us. N da guys keep on mnyumpah X. Haiz... Why? He's kind, okie? Bha! I think sy sudah parah ini. What shud I do? Gosh. I sudn't do diz. I love my friends so much. But I love my cat more. Hm... Let it be. Continue. After a while, my girl, FJ said... .. .

FJ: Eh, jom kita gi luar. X lepak kat sana la.
Me: Kmu prgila. Synk duduk kat dlm sini.
FJ: C'mon, honey! Look at him... His cuteness... I adore him like hell.
Me: Haha. Ok, then.
FJ: I wanna stand next to him. U, jauh sikit from me.
Me: Duh... Go ahead. Try to seduce him, sis... Haha.
FJ: Jeez, u think I shud?
Me: Yup! Ambik attention dia bha
FJ: Thanks, sis! Tomorrow I'll blnja u mkn.
Me: Ya, yeah.
FJ: Shut up! I'm serious.
Me: Thx! Dats so kind of u
FJ: I know...

N she went to stand next to him...
P.s: Me no jealous, okeyh?

But... Something stupid happened! Shit! Ahaha. Kinda funny... Gila2 sikit. So, I turned around to ckap2 with Willy. My back was facing FJ's back... After a moment, shit happened. I went backward for a few steps as my friend tetiba jak mau mnyelit. Then, I terkejut bkoz my back accident lnggar X's back. Eeee... Since when itu lelaki pindah tmpat?? Then, he looked at me. I said,' Ops, sorry.' N he answered, 'Never mind. Small matter.' Then, he smiled. Gila itu guy. I saw Z(bukan initial sebenar) looked at me in a ganas way. Apu! NO! She's my fren, ok??! Huh~ Kesian me. I'm stuck in a pit. Duh! So, I went forward... Tak mau bersentuhan sama dia.. Haha. Xsen da jak me ini. Ok... So, we ckap2 la... Psang lagu mcm2... Lgu rawk ada, jiwang ada, smua ada! Then, shit happened, again! Bberapa minit kmudian... 'BOOM!' Shit! Da chinese main mercun kat bwh! N da bunyi tersgt2 la bsai! Gila! N... My back, again, get bumped into his back. But this time, harder. Eee! Until dia pun trkejut... Haha.

He texted me. After we went back to our own classes.

X: Haha. Gila just now.
Me: Ya. I know.
X: Gatal ouh.
Me: Xcuse me?
X: Ur back, I mean.
Me: Mr.X, sy ingin memberitahu anda satu fakta yg mungkin tidak akan berubah. Sy ada taste, ok. (I'm such a cover girl)
X: Oh. Ya kha?
Me: Ya.
X: Auk jak.

N so on...

Waktu balik! Yeah! It's raining... I love it. And I will always. Tringatkan pasal Barry. Haha. My ex. Ok, Barry's topic, CLOSE! I went back with Steph today. Hehe. And... I saw X. He waited at his usual pit-stop. Nice change. N... Steph, one of his victims ttiba jak menggelabah. Pa kha? Ada ka patut she pushed me away gara2 x mau tgk him... n I almost accidentally langgar him. Haiz. Kalau ea pun obses, jgn la ganas sgt smpai x ingat kwn... Haha. Sbarang jak me ini. A few seconds later, we slamat smpai di destinasi. Okeyh... Nada spaca lagik. Looks like I have to stand at the tmpat duduk. It's time for... VANDALISM! And time tgh syok2 ninga lagu, my hp vibrated... I saw, 'I NEW MESSAGE FROM X' Alaa... Kacau daun btul. Dh la tgh dgr lagu Twinkle2 Little Star dat time... Ish! Dat's my favret song, ok?! Read.

X: Again, mau accident.
Me: Haha. Yea.
X: It's raining.
Me: It's pouring.
X: Mcm budak2.
Me: Who?
X: U.
Me: Why?
X: Sweet.
Me: Ok, no jiwang2.
X: Haha. Ok.
Me: My fren, Z marah.
X: Why?
Me: Bkoz u smiled at me.
X: Is it a wrong thing to do?
Me: Yea.
X: Why?
Me: She's jealous.
X: I'm just do not care.

N so on...

It's raining!

Song of the day:
Umbrella by Rihanna

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm falling in LOVE!

SPOT CHECK! Aduh! Haha. Today, we're facing a supa dupa day. Lol. Ada spot check boh. All form 3 students. So funny. 4 prefects itu were very2 xsen, u know. Urgh! Like I care.

1st pre: Spot check!
Ricky: Wtf?!
Me: Urgh.
Cab: Holy shit!

Look. Nice one, rite? Semuanya bhsa kotor. Ish3... My friends ini.

Then, they asked us to q-up. Eeee! Xsen btul... Oh, ya! Masa da 1st prefect shout 'SPOT CHECK!' I was texting my lesbo partner, Diana. Shit. Do u know, where did I put my hp? I put it inside my bra. Lol. I'm NOT a secretive person. So, I will tell everything if I feel like to. Lala. I thought I'm da only one yg buat mcm itu. Flo too. She did the same... N Ricky, he told me dat he hid his hp inside his underwear. I'm so not gonna touch his hp, ANYMORE! Haha. At least he told me. Lala. Kalau tidak, lalulilelo. Haha. It was so stupid, u see. But they did take my liquid paper n nail polish away... Ee! Haha. I can always buy a new one. So nadai msalah la. Huh~ But me ndak care. Ok, enough with da S-C thingy. Topic, CLOSE!

Lib time! I love this class! Haha. But not the teacher in-charge. Ew! Dat cikgu is vry xsen, u know. Lala. Hm... X duduk jauh from me today. Tak smpat mau reserve tmpat. Lala. It's ok. Like I care. We couldn't make a lot of noises today as the teacher was xsen. Haha. Xsen jak. But we did text one another. Lala. Dat cikgu, very lawak. So... He texted me. I mean, X.
N so on... At the end of the period, we all rushed to pack our barangs. Bkoz we have to go to da labs. Lala. Science. I love Science. I walked behind X just now. N he did something dat I never thought of. Wanna know?? Ok... He... Dia... X... He laughed crazily as he walked in front of me. Gila itu lelaki. Maybe there's something that made him. Haha. GILA. I was surprised. What happened to diz guy? Then he turned, he looked at me. I asked him with a weird look(which people always said I look cute if I do so),' Why are u laughing dat way?' He didn't answer me but he did SMILE SWEETLY! Apu! Okay, I have to admit that I've lost. But I didn't tell anyone. Except for this blog n da readers. I never adored nor fell in love with his smile for this long. B-b-but today... I DID. Fell in LOVE. Crap! I can't do dat. Don't tell me DAT I'm in love with his smile! Aduh! My kedudukan tergugat. Haiz! Gila me dibuatnya! Honestly la, I can't forget his smile. Shit! It was so sweet! No wonder my friends tergila2kan him. I've melted. Eee! I have to bekukan myself back! He did text me waktu balik. N...

X: I laughed bkoz Y(bukan initial sebenar) told me something stupid.
Me: Oh, ok...
X: I was crazy. I know.
Me: Ya. U were.

N so on...

P.S: I've realized something. My recent posts were full with his topics, rite?

He... Made... Me...

Song of the day:
Sell Me Candy by Rihanna

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What a day?

Lala. At school. Phew~ Today, all form 3 students sit for their Mathematics Trial Exam. Haha. Me too. Included. Wow! Paper 1 kinda tough... Huhu. Scary. N paper 2 was okay. They made it balance. Thanks God. Well, nothing much actually. Just random. N... I don't really remember what had happen to X today. Oh, ya. He smiled at me when waktu balik. Haha. My friend, bla(bukan nama sebenar) pulak perasan. Haiz. He loves to make girls luput. But he can't do da same thing to me. I'm trying to be strong, okie? Ya. I'm trying. Lulu. Funny, u know.

X smiled at me.
I smiled back.
Bla: Apu! Did u see that?
Me: Saw what?
Bla: He's smiling at me.
Me: (Blur) Who?
Bla: (whisper) H...
Me: (Smile stupidly) Oh, ok.
Bla: He colored my day, Dolce!
Me: Yeah, he did.
Bla: U're happy?
Me: Ya... For u.
Bla: Jgn jelez, ok? He's mine today.
Me: Me? Jealous? Oh, no. U can have him.
Bla: That's so kind of u. Thanks. Love u!
Me: (I wonder why must she be dat happy) Ok... Ya. Thanks.
Bla: He's cute, rite?
Me: Who?
Bla: Eeee! R u listening to me?
Me: Ya. Oh, I mean, who?
Bla: Duh! X la. Sapa lagik...
Me: Oh, haha. Yeah.
Bla: I love his eyes...
Me: Ok... (Slowly n silently) I love his stupidness...
Bla: U love his wat?
Me: I said I love his nose.
Bla: His nose?
Me: Ya... Haha. Nose.
Bla: Well, I don't. I love everything bout him. Aww!
Me: Ok... Close topic. We better get going.
Bla: That's so not kind of u, La Dolce!
Me: Ok... C'mon. U can always see him if u want to.
Bla: Tomorrow!
Me: U shud put some make up on.
Bla: Nice joke, huh?
Me: I'm serious.
Bla: I know. I know. Nice one.
Me: Thanks. C'mon.
Bla: Shud I say 'welcome'?
Me: Duh!

N so on...

Waktu pulai! Yeah! Mercy, baby! Hm... I walked with Bla, again. We're not really close. I mean, not as close as I'm with FJ. But, FJ told me dat she needed space. For herself. I wonder why. Maybe it's because she found out dat Taylor Lautner is Selena Gomez's boy. I guess. Duh! Haiz... So pathetic. But, what can I do. She's my best buddy... So... Smbung balik with Bla's story. Okeyh! Again, I have to become her victim, today. She talked about X all da way to the bank. What am I talking bout? Lala. I have to listen to her from da introduction part till the closure. I can't wait till she reach her closure. Really. Huh! So funny, u see. I wonder how will my friends act if they've found out dat I knal dat X. NO!! Ok... Forget bout dat. She said dat X is cute n bla3. And I have to answer 'yeah','Wow!','Ok...','oh, really?','yeah, I agree' n 'dat's cute.' Jeez... I'm such a cover girl today. But... What can I do. Duh! As we reached da bus stop, I met Flora. She's talking to her bf. So romantic. She punched my butt. EE! It's hurt, ok?!

Me: Hurt!
Flo: Sorry la, syg...
Bf: Yo, La Dolce Nana.
Me: Haha. Nice shot.
Flo: He knows ur nicky nick name?
Me: Duh... Same tuition maa...
Bf: She's hot time tuition.
Me: Shut up!
Flo: Biasa la my sister bha.
Me: Haha. Ok... I dun wanna kacau daun.
Bf: We're not be'romance' rite now. It's time for just-friends theme.
Me: Oh, really?
Flo: Yup! Well, kinda miss u, honey
Me: We just met. In da class.
Flo: Haha. Yeah! It was a joke.
Bf: (Talking to Flo) So, I wanna go there. Wanna ckap2 with my buddies. Ok, bye, my syg!
Flo: Bye...
Me: Is it cool for having a love one?
Flo: Truth to be told, no.
Me: Why????
Flo: Sis, we're going to break up.
Me: What???
Flo: Yeah. B4 PMR.
Cab: (Interrupting) Dolce! OMG3!
Me: Shut up!
Flo: Smbung... He'd agree.
Me: Ok... I dun wanna say anything bkoz I'm suck in diz kinda thing. No comment.
Flo: I know...
Cab: Done?
Me: Yea, so what's dat?
Cab: He looked at me!
Me: Who?
Cab: U know I never ckap psal lelaki lain except for X, rite?
Me: Ya... Sy tau.
Cab: He looked at me!
Me: So?
Cab: I'm happy! I'm ready to wash da dishes dat my mum'll ask me to do later.
Me: Anything to do with dishes?
Cab: I mean, sy kan pmalas.
Me: Oh, yeah! Haha!
Flo: Patutla still single...
Cab: Sibuk! Snyap awk!
Me: Dat's cute... So... He needs to look at u everyday so dat ur mummy will be happy.
Cab: He has to jadi my husband bha
Me: Husband? Stop dreaming, sis! Wake up! It's 1.45 p.m. already!
Cab: Haha. Joking. I think I'm having an obsession...
Me: Ya... U're.

N so on...

P.s: My friends... They're insane!

Heal them, please?

Song of the day:
London Bridge by Fergie.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kindness? Hypocrite? Blur?

He's sweet. I guess. Ahaha. Fyi, on Mondays, form 3 student will must-attend an assembly. Duh! I never like assemblies. Lala. So, me n my friends were late for it. Apu! Then, as we arrived at the dewan, our chairs were gone. NO! Eeee! Sy paling bncik la mau mncari krusi nie! Da dewan is so freaking big! N huh! FJ asked me to look for some at the back of the hall. Cari punya cari, result; negative. WHY??? Unfair. I saw loads of pengawas there. They angkut-ing da krusi. N... I saw him. Haha. X. He's one of them who angkut da krusi to idk where. As he saw me, I tried my best not to meet his eyes. Lala. So menakutkan. N I can tell that he knows dat I have no chair. Kesian me. Not only me to be exact. My friends pun nadai kerusi. Then, he went. He went to da front part of the hall. So did I. No chair. Looks like I have to stand. Yea, yea, I have to. Putus harapan. A seconds later, as I reached my destination, I saw he's talking to another pengawas. Talk n talk. Then he pointed out a finger into my direction. Huh?? And da pengawas brought a chair for me. Ok.. I wonder what did X tell him to do. Kinda sweet. It's sweet! Apu! Dari hari ke hari, he's making me melt. NO! Dolce, u x boleh melt gara2 seorg lelaki! Guys! Diz kaum had hurt my feeling. Especially, da latest one. Huh! Dats why Im trying not to have... Boyfriend. Anymore. I guess. U see, mereka ini kan, just... Hanya mau ambik kesempatan jak! Ok, my topic, CLOSE! Sambung with X's story. N... Hehe. He smiled at me. Lalala. I mean X. He smiled. Ok, it's an impression. Nothing much. An impression. Cute. Lol.


Waktu balik. As you know (tauk ke?), every Monday my friends n I will lepak at the pit-stop there. So, as we reached there, we put our bags. N truz gi canteen. Lapar. I went there with 2 friends. N we did limpas X. Haha. I just make don't know. Bkoz my friends, I mean yg jalan with my are his fans. Ew! Ew! Fans?! Haha. Another 'EW!'. He, too, made tak tau. As if he x knal me. Apu! I think, we both can win awards this year. PELAKON TERBAIK. So, we truzkn perjalanan pgi kantin. I thought he'll be waiting with us. But... He didn't. Huhu. Nah! I dunno why...I...Sedih. I hope he didn't put a spell on me. Lol. He went earlier. Then, I saw my hp. '1 NEW MESSAGE FROM X' Okeyh... Read. 'I went back a little earlier. Sorry.' I replied(try to be a bad girl) 'It's ok. N as if I'm waiting for u.' Haha. Kena smacked la pula! Ahaha! Kesian him. Lala. Then after a while, I felt guilty. Bkoz he dh tolong dptkan me a chair. N he texted,' Auk jak.' N i answered,' Well, hey, thanks for the chair.'

H: U're welcome.
Me: Ok, u mean it?
H: Apa?
Me: Bgi me da krusi?
H: Ya. I'm kind.
Me: (Perasan) I know, I know. Sgt baik.
H: Yeah.
Me: What did u said?
H: To?
Me: Dat pngwas just now.
H: Oh. 'Tolong letak krusi nie kat bhgian klas 3A.'
Me: Pndai ouh. Susun ayat.
H: Takkan la sy nak kata,' Tolong bgi krusi kat prempuan cute yg brambut kerinting tu.'
Me: Haha. Sgt lawak la.
H: Ya. Sgt lawak.


Apu! Just now, I checked my Facebook. Hish! Open jak, truz kluar his name! I feel like 'URGH!' Sgt bencik, ok! Huh! Can't he just pupus?! I hate him so much! He hurt my feeling. Dah la nak dekat2 PMR lgi tu! Ya, I know, he has a lot of fans. I mean da girls. And he thinks dat he's perfect alredi? C'mon! Apu! Sgt marah ni! Urgh!! If he text me again, hah, I'll try my best not to answer him politely. I wanna make something. Which can help me to make da connection btween me n him PUTUS! Can't wait. I feel sick. Rite now. Totally hate him. Nmpaknya sejarah berulang. Haha! If he ada baca my blog, hm, I hope he can enjoy it. N... yes, I think he can tell dat dis chapter in diz post is dedicated to him. Just for u. U should say 'Thank you.' Dear U-hurt-my-feeling, u're kind. Ya. U're sweet. Check. But just like what my sis (can't reveal her identity) said,' He' not good in respecting girls.' So... At first, I thought it was a joke. I tried my best to ignore it as I tgh lemas dlm perasaan palui. Then, she's right. Please, u-hurt-my-feeling, try to change urself. U're smart. Kind. Sweet. Capable. Don't waste it. Try to respect girls. Don't easily hurt our feelings. I know, it's fun, rite? Hurting feelings? U-hurt-my-feeling, u hurt my feeling! N u just make dunno. Isn't dat cool??! COOL, RITE?! Angry. Yeah, dats it what I feel. N one thing dat I always wanted to tell u, 'PLEASE, GROW UP!' U love to merajuk. Especially when u're with me. People around da world told me dat u can be a good model to the public. Huh! Public figure la konon. Ok...I think I'll continue my post later. I need to refresh myself........................... Continue. Ok. Im done. I threw everything yg ada kaitan with him. Just now. Into da dustbin. Haha. I feel better. Ralph, I love u! Ok... Ralph is my best ex. We're now best friends. He's da one who told me to do so. Buang sgala benda yg ada kaitan dgn dia. N I did. Better n happier. Ralph's kind. Even though ada gila2 skit. Lala. Ops! I forgot to tell u all. Dis u-hurt-my-feeling is not X nor Ralph. He's da guy dat I'd reveal in my first post. Duh! Okie, buhbye! Our topic, TUTUP!

N so on....

I'm trying to be strong.

Song of the day:
Up by The Saturdays

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Haha. Look at the title. 'Stupid?' Yea. Why? Bkoz yesterday, I took a quiz. It's about Asking Fortune Teller. I asked it/her/him, 'Am I stupid?' N it/she/he answered,' Only on 13th of every month.' So, today is 13th. Haha. Nadai pun I looked stupid. Sebarang da jak. But I dun really care bout dat.

Hm... Nothing much. Okay. As usual, I waited for his msg. Not X. Da other guy. Da one dat I revealed in my first post. Yeah, him. N he didn't text me. Ok... Looks like he's giving me a chance to move on. So, I'll. Maybe I'll stay single this year. Huh~ Just like what my sis Bern said,' Tired of balls.' Me too. In my opinion, single is better. Wanna know why? Bkoz I'm a failure. About diz lovey-dovey thing. I'm suck. Haha. Dah nasib la tu. I'll wait for my husband. What?! As if I'm going to get married. Hm... I dun really have a piece of mind bout this kinda thing. I mean about marriage. Lala. Ok, his topic, TUTUP!

Huh~ X did text me. N he's texting me rite now. Pa kha him itu...? Well, me x really mngantuk but...actually, me malas nak reply msg org. Duh! I prefer reading Shin Chan than reply org
punya msg. Lala. N... Haha. Ok. My true heart. X is kind. N yes, he's cute. He asked me couple of times whether I can trima him jadi my bf. But I said,'NO.' And it's a fixed answer. Once I said, 'NO' try to make me say 'YES' n u might get hurt. Sorry. So, last week, I told him,' Let's stay friends. I like u as a buddy. N I dun want to change it.' N he answered,' Hm... Yea. U're rite... It's hard but I'll try.' Sounds very scary boh. Haha(ketawa x ikhlas). Another reason is, I dun wanna be his special one bkoz, u know, he's popular. N I can say that every girl likes him. So, if I jadi his special one, my reputation'll drop. Hm... Merepek lha me here! Ignore her! I gnore diz girl. Her name is Dyona Intan n also known as Dolce. Haha. Ok... Bye!


Song of the day:
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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Ok...! Let me scream. Woohoo! I know, I know. Mcm org gila, aite? I dun care. I attended da One Day Project which was organized by St. Thomas. It's from 9 a.m. til 04.45 p.m. Yeah, it's a One Day Project. Lama wor! We sang n prayed. Cried n laughed. I just can't imagine it. I mean, I don't know what to post. U see, I was so happy!! I can feel...that...yesterday...*speechless* I came at 8-ish. I told my mum dat I balik at 2 sumthing bkoz u know, vry lama bha dat concert. Lalala. As I reached da Dewan Cenderawasih, I was like 'APU!'. Rmai org... I lmbat bha. I saw my friend, Willy waving as if I'll sesat. So, I joined him. I sat with mereka FJ, Flora, Roger, Florence, Gennieve n bla3. Trlalu ramai. That was the earlier part.

Tgh2 part of the day, Waseh! Haha. We worshiped n some of us did cry n I was not excluded. Huhu. After a moment... Nothing happened. Just blank. But it was just for a few minutes. Haha. X lama jak. N my hp vibrated. I checked it n I saw '1 NEW MESSAGE FROM X' Gosh! I forgot dat he'll come. Haha. Lulu. He said,' I saw u. Mcm budak2. Hyper.' Please don't tell me dat he wanna start a fight today. So I replied,' Yea. Biasa la. Dyona bha. So where r u?' N he answered,' Back here.' I turned around n I saw him. His eyes met mine but then they looked away. U see, me n him, we r so xsen bha! Haiz! Ok, I have a question which is haunting my mind rite now, today, this moment; 'Smpai bila la, I have to blakon utk tidak knal diz guy in da public?' U see, I don't know how to answer it! X pa, x pa. Life. Ok, his topik, CLOSE.

Okeyh! After da worshiping's over, there's a drama. St. Thomas organized it. OMGosh! Dat drama was so fantastic! I can't describe it! Fantastic is da only word which can describe it best. It was about human, satan n angels .A guy, who represented da human be in da middle. Angels n satan be on the right n left side respectively. Wuuu. Oh, ya! N da guy who represented us is Chester. Ada knal sama dia? Haha. Maybe some of u knal. Hehe.
Apu! I think he's da best player on stage. He played his role perfectly! The most stunning part was when angels n satan brebut utk dptkan him.'Oh, my...' Funny, my beloved girl, FJ was like 'Oooo...'. N da sweet dat she about to eat jatuh n at the same time her tears drop.. Haha. Kesian her. Nvm. It's juz a sweet. N of course, at the end of the drama, angels won. My friend, Nancy cried. Emotional... Huhu. Me, too, I did cry. Girls. N da funniest part during da sobbing part, X texted me,' Cry?' So, I replied,' Yea.' I thought he'll answer,' Girls.' or 'Kesian. Mcm budak2.' But then he answered,' Me too. I'm crying.' N then... I... 'WHAT?! HE NANGIS? CAN I BELIEVE IT?' Haha. Then I looked back, I saw his face merah. Ahahahahaha!!! He made me laugh. But u see, dat drama was a 'GOSH!'. I love it so muchy! One Day Project is one of my sweetest n meaningful moment. :)


I went back at 5 p.m.. Wow! Kinda tired... Phew~ N haha, my voice changed. Serak2 bha. Maybe I shouted a lot. Of course. Da cameras were all on me. Haha. Rasa diri popular la tu tadik. Haha. But dat's da truth. I gave my mum a call. I waited at the bus stop with my girl, FJ. She brought a magazine along with her. It's CLEO. So, we read it together. Spotted a new style. N... New things. Bla3. N her brother amazed me so much. His name is Isaac. Duh! U know wat, everytime I see him, he'll amaze me with his height! Why is he so TALL?! Apu! If he keep on growing, he'll be tallest guy in his school. I guess. He's just 14! N yet, he's a few inches taller than me! I've to admit it dat I'm tall. One of the tallest girl in my school. N he, Isaac pula sgt tinggi. I mean, taller than me. Haha. I dun really care bout ketinggian bkoz I've dated a guy who is shorter than me. Lalala. No comment.


Song of the day:
Tiba Saatnya by Kami Semua

Friday, September 11, 2009

Top or Bottom?

Haiz... I came to school at 0605 diz morning. N as I reached my class, me truz go to 3B. Lepaking there. Kinda pissed off. Idk why. Maybe hormon x betul kot... Ha3!

Rehat... My friend, Adele asked me to join da Drama Club. OMG! I wondered why did she choose me? I asked her n she answered,' Bkoz u're a Drama Queen, sweetie!' Haha. A Drama Queen? Indeed? Blah~ So, I made up my mind, I'll join. N... n... n ... n... I didn't see dat human, again! Ei...! Miss bha mau gado sma dia... Huhu. Pa kha...?

Balik! Lalala~ I did see him today. N... He looked at me. Smiled evilly... Hish! Can't he smile in other way? Mcm mau buat sumthing yg menakutkan da jak his snyuman. Dohh3! But I didn't talk to him. So susah if we wanna talk to each other in school. Paparazzi are everywhere! Candid3! Hish! Masa he looked at me pun, we juz limpas2 each other. Kesian. Desperate mau bergaduh. Desperate gal. Lol. Waktu balik I walked with FJ n Steph. Hee~ Lalala. We gossip2 about people. Haha. And... another AND... When, Steph n I limpas the pit stop, da one inside our skul, I saw him. He looked at me, again. I wondered why dun he wait at the usual place... So, I ignored his eyes (try not to meet them) and walked away... I went and waited at the bus stop near da Kg. Assyakirin there... I took out my hp n texted him.

Me: Y r u there?
He: Where?
Me: Pit stop.
He: Scare.
Me: Means?
He: I mean, I dun wanna wait at da usual place.
Me: Y?
He: Takut.
Me: Y?
He: Secret.
Me: O ok.
He: Can I trust u?
Me: Idk. Ur choice.
He: Ok, then. I'll tell u.
Me: Anyhow
He: Bkoz dat gay is waiting for me.
Me: GAY?!
He: Ya.
Me: U're a gay?
He: No. I'm straight, babe.
Me: Haha. So?
He: How do u feel if a lesbian is waiting for u n u dun like her?
Me: It's an 'Ew!'.
He: Nah. U don't know dat ders a gay who likes me?
Me: No. I dun have da passion.
He: Haha. Passion.
Me: Is the gay cute?
He: Hell no!
Me: Who's he?
He: I'll tell u tomorrow. Further details, I can't reveal it.
Me: U'll come?
He: Ya.
Me: No.
He: U don't?
Me: I mean, 'No' if u're there.
He: I'll come.
Me: Me too. But I dun wanna see u.
He: Hypocrite.
Me: Excuse me, sandwich?
He: Sandwich. Rite. U wanna see me, I know.
Me: Xsen. Wrong.
He: No comment.

N so on...

At home... Phew~ So tired. I went to my room after I ate my lunch. Took my bath. Read my Shin Chan. After a while, my hp rang. 'Sis Florence'. She called me. So, I answered.

Me: Ya?
FJ: I have something to tell u!!!!
Me: Ok. Cool down. Bout what, dear?
FJ: Ok... Cool down. I wanna cry! Oh, SHIT!!
Me: Bad news?
FJ: NO!!! Dis news, da one I wanna tell u sooner or later or after dis is a freaking GOOD NEWS!!! AWWW!
Me: Ok. U're getting worse.
FJ: I know! Haha. Excuse me? Wat did u say?
Me: U're getting worse?
FJ: SHUT UP! Ok... Sabar... Tarik nafas pnjang2.
Me: C'mon! Tell me. Bout wat?
FJ: Just now, at school, Cikgu Sumir told me something.
Me: Bout wat?
FJ: He chose us, da two of us, to represent Bintulu.
Me: Represent what?
FJ: Bintulu, honey!!!
Me: Ok. To where?
Me: Rite... Kuching. For wat?
FJ: SYG, u don't sound like u're excited!
Me: I am. I am excited. (Doesn't she know, dat I'm trying to control myself. So dat I won't jump on my queen-sized bed?)
FJ: Ok! We'll be camping... On 28/11/09
Me: Camping. I love it.
FJ: But I dun! My aims are 1st, cute guys from any school. 2nd, I wanna shop! 3rd, I wan markah kk. 4th, I wanna take pics with u.
Me: Shopping?
FJ: Ya! C'mon, babe! Shopping! Isn't dat word sounds lovely?
Me: Ya. Way too lovely until I wanna drop. (Can't she hear I'm biting my pillow?)
FJ: R u ok?
Me: Ya. Im all fine.
FJ: Sis, u'll come?
Me: A big 'YES!'
FJ: U've asked ur mum?
Me: I dun care, if I say 'I WANNA GO' my parents will open da door n give me some 'Kaa ching!'
FJ: I wanna kiss n hug u rite now! Muax3!
Me: Muax for u too!
FJ: Ok, syg... C u tomorrow! Buhbye! Love u so muchy, Dyona Intan. (Is it a must to call out my full name)
Me: Bye...! Yeah, c u tomorrow! Love u too, Florence Joshua. (Paid back)

After da call ended... I jumped on my bed happily!!! Shit! It's all bout shopping! Urgh! It's time to kumpul duit!! N my mum jerit from downstairs

Mum: Ms. Intan, r u trying to destroy our house which ur daddy hasn't fully pay yet?
Me: No, mum! It's just dat Im too excited!
Bro: She has a new affair.
Mum: New boyfriend?
Me: Haha. No mummy, dear. N u, fat boy just shut up!FJ told me sumthing. It's all bout Kuching n shopping!!
Bro: Kak, I feel kesian tgk u bkoz u r still single. Look at me, my status is In A Relationship.
Me: SHUT UP! Da girl is only wanna ikut u bkoz u always bawa duit byk2 to skul n u show ur hp for everyone to see n u r da Top student there. So, we're different!!
Bro: No, we're not different. N yes, kak, dun stay single trlalu lama. Haha!
Me: Sukati org la, sibok!
Bro: Sukati org la, sibok!
Me: Just SHUT UP! I'm black-belted girl, ok?!
Bro: Just SHUT UP n Look for a new boy. She's a desperate girl, ok?!
Mum: Ok, keep on fighting. I dun wanna kacau.
Me: Mum! Serious la! (N my bro teruz texted his new gf)
Mum: Ok2, I dun wanna see u to be moody for the whole month, u may go.
Me: I know, I know... LOVE U, MUMMY!
Mum: Bout money, ask from ur bank.
Me: Bank?
Mum: Ur daddy...
Me: Ok, mum!!!

I JUST LOVE MY MUMMY and DADDY SO MUCH! I LOVE THEM! I LOVE3 THEM! How am I going to pay them? PMR! Dat's da only WAY! I'll do my best...!


I love everyone!

Song of the day:
Stay Beautiful by Taylor Swift

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Nothing much... I was bored for the whole day. N I am. Rite now. Sgt menyedihkan, u know. N...

N... I didn't see X today. Uuu... Kinda miss him bha. Maybe he's absence? Never mind. I've lost a color today. Huhu. X pa, x pa... Waaa!! Tak tau pa mau ditaip la...! Ish! Rite, I'm bored. I did take some pics with my friends just now in class. N I enjoyed it. But I hate to say this; I miss him. NO!! Thanks God, I didn't express my feeling to any of my friends. 'I miss him.' If I say so, they'll response:

FJ: What?! U're insane!
Flora: U're ok?
Cab: How can u betray me?!
Steph: Look, I won't say anything bkoz u've pissed me off!
Jess: No! Dat's so... URGH!
Van: NOOOO! Putus kawan!
Nicky: Rite.Did u enjoy it for hurting my feeling?!
Anna: Just shut up!
Vio: Any further, I'll slap u.

I can predict n feel it dat they'll say these!


P.s: Dun salah phm. I miss him only, ok. No love him. :)

Apu! He did text me today.

X: Bye.
Me: Bye.
X: Didn't see u today.
Me: Me too.
X: Absence?
Me: No.
X: Where were u, then?
Me: Anything to do with u?
X: No. It was a question.
Me: Oh. Ok.
X: Miss me?
Me: Shut up!
X: Joking.
Me: U, absence?
X: No. I thought u're.
Me: No. I thought u're.
X: Oh
Me: No keluar class kha?
X: I did. Waktu rehat.
Me: Me, too. I did. Rehat oso.
X: Aik? Haha. Maybe we shouldn't see each other today.
Me: So dat u won't start a fight.
X: Kamu yg dulu.
Me: Excuse me, human.

And so on... What? I thought he nadai hadir. Pa kha...?? Haha.

Hm... I miss him.

Song of the day:
Everything I'm Not by The Veronicas

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Daddy, I'm sorry.

Bangun pagi... I woke up at 0415 today... I just dun wanna sleep for a long period. I didn't straightly headed to my bathroom but I read my precious Shin Chan comic first. What a joyful morning? Then, I took my hp from its bed. Haha. My hp owns a cute bed. There's no msg. After a while, I stopped, n masuk my jamban truz mandi. Boring bha...!


School! Yea... I dunno why was I very brsemangat nak pergi skolah today. May be, I'm missing my friends. Masuk jak kat perkrangan skul truz kena 'PANG!' Awww!! Who's dat??? Eiii! It hurt, ok?! Someone pukul my back. Urgh! I turned around n I saw my best fren, Flora. She smiled evilly at me! X sedar diri punya perempuan! Duh! Dat little girl. But never mind, dah lali with her hand. Yg selalu memukul insan yg tidak bersalah pada awal pagi hari Rabu. Haha! Ok... It's bout da earlier part of the day. Now, it's the first period after REHAT. My free-spirited friends n I went to 3B class. I mean, for those yg tidak mengambil BC n PI, we need to be in one class with the other free-spirited students from different classes. Hanya a few class jak. 3A, 3B, 3C, n 3E. FULL! Huh~ Bersesak la kami org satu kelas. Haha. To my luck, my beloved cuz, Josh reserved a place for me. He's kind. May be. Ew! Dah la perangai teruk! I mean, he's crazy. Tersangat2 gila. Lalala. Sorry.

CHAPTER 2 (ii)
Haha. I need to sambung here. If not, panjang la the above chapter. Lululu. It's still lib time. So, I know, I know. My every-Wed job is to ajar people. I mean, students from other classes. I feel old. But I love to help org. Memuji diri sendiri. But that's da truth! Hah! But after a while... Something... Happened! U wanna know wat??? Ok! Let me bgitau u org... Diz is how da crita bermula. A legend... I talked with FJ n Shirley. Gossiping to be exact. Gossip punya gossip. I heard someone shouted my father's name. 'Who the fuck is that human?!' I looked around. I feel like a terrorist. N I saw Ricky. He made a macho pose n try not to meet my eyes. He does dat whenever he'd make a wrong thing. Huh! Palui!

Me: Apu dik, Ricky! Ku ndai main nama apai dik ouh
RH: Ya gak aku ngangau dik ndak ninga. Ari tetadik ku pnggil ur name, dik buat derk jak.
Me: Jerit kuat gik la. Ndak la smpai bersemangat mai kak mempopularkan nama apai. EI!
RH: Kapa ku kak bersemangat nybut nma apai dik
Me: U did.
RH: Did i?
Me: Dah! Apa hal dik ngangau ku, Hamat (his father's name)?
RH: Apu dik, ak dara (my father's name)!
Me: Nya! Baka nyak la asai ku tdik time dik nybut my daddy's name.
RH: Xsen...
Me: Apa hal dik pnggil me?
RH: Owh, dik kak ngau dinner pengawas?
Me: Dinner? Bila?

N so on... He's gila!

N bkoz of dat incident, everyone inside da klaz started to permainkan nama bapak diorg. Hish! Dat Hamat! N to my surprise, I can't believe it dat, X dh pndai make use of my daddy's name! Urgh! I was arguing with my stupid cracked fren, Hengky. N... X n him were playing da rubik's cube. Duh!

Hengky: Oi, (my daddy's name)!
Me: Apu, dik Kanyan (his father's name)! Ku ndai ngiga layak with u, ok?!
Hengky: Haha! Ndai la. Main2 jak.
Me: Xsen!

At the same time, X was there, sitting next to me. Ew! Sengaja btul! N u know wat, after he sit there, at his place, he took out his hp n texted me. Stupid! Sedangkan sy duduk di sebelah dia! Urgh! Dat palui guy! N not to his luck, he needs to be prepared for the girls every Wed. Haha. PADAN MUKA! Sapa suruh kiut sgt. Ya, he's kiut. I have to admit it. Ok, smbung my story tdik... N I replied, 'Stupid. Sapa yg duduk sblah kmu skarang?' N he answered, 'Dyona Intan.' Duh! I dun wanna start a fight, ok?!

Ok... Continue with Hengky's story.
Actually, he didn't know dat I n his best fren r enemies. Haha. X n I r gud in acting. No one knows bout da relationship dat we have (except for one of his best2 fren). Not a lovey-dovey one. But a FIERCE one. Ha3! To my surprise, he said my daddy's name! Hengky said,' (My daddy's name), sorry la.' N X, he's solving da rubik's cube said,' (My daddy's name)? Who's dat?' N he grinned evilly at me. Huh! I can't blive it! Mr. X, dat's way too over! N Hengky replied,' Nama bapa budak nie.' N he said,' Ouh...' Rite... Memang sah nak kena kiss la nie! Dasar! But I've tried my best not to get mad. I did. N I smiled back him. N he said,' Nice to know ur daddy's name. My name is X.' Paloi! Mcm la I dunno his name! Urgh! Jaga la him tomorrow! KENA BELASAH!
N waktu balik, I didn't see him. Phew~ Mercy! I guess dia balik awal... But before I go back just now, me n FJ went to da toilet. I saw his face. N FJ shouted:

FJ: Dyon! Look at him!
Me: Him? Who?
FJ: X... Aww! I'm melting.
Me: (I saw his face) Oh...
FJ: He's kiut, rite?
Me: I dunno. Im not gud in judging his face.
FJ: Ow, c'mon, I mean, look at him. He's cute.
Me: Ok jak.
FJ: I'm wondering.
Me: Wat thing?
FJ: Why is he cute? I guess, he has a gf. Huh! Da world is so unfair.
Me: Haha. (Ketawa x ikhlas)
FJ: N u, Dyona Intan! He liked u b4, y did u dumped him?
Me: Bkoz I dun like him.
FJ: U're blind.
Me: Nope... Hehe.
FJ: Huh! U're giving an opportunity to others.
Me: Ya. To those yg desperate for balls.
FJ: For example, me.
Me: Haha. C'mon, u're beautiful .Cari yg lain la.
FJ: Haha. I like him not I love him, ok?
Me: Dat's my girl.
FJ: I know...(Playing with my hair)

So... We balik la.

P.s: Today, there's no teacher. So, we can do anything.

He's insane.

Song of the day:
Don't Trust Me by 3 Oh 3

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New? Sleepy? URGH!

CHAPTER 1 (Sept 7)
Duh! No pic there... Haha. Sorry. I said that I'm busy for the whole month, rite? Well, I guess not that serious. Apu...!. WHY? Huh~ I came late to school today. 0634. Lambat 30 minutes! Masa itu emas, okeyh? But I guess I didn't agree with the saying today. Haha. As I reached there, I quickly entered my beloved kingdom. As if I'm da king...or queen? Pa2 jak la. N the guys (cracked ones) looked at me (they're sitting at the school pit stop). Pfft. 'WHY ARE THEY LOOKING AT ME?' My friend, Steph told me,'I think it's bkoz of ur new shoes.' Whatta? My new kasut skul?? Ok, I've to tell u, dat I wore a new pair. N... MUMMY!! WHY MUST U BELI YG MCM INI PUNYA???? My mum bought a cute but very weird one. I mean, I looked like a doll! I rushed to my class, n one of my classmates, Yen Ting looked at me. Not at my face to be exact but at my kaki! Haha. 'Waa, new shoes ouh!' Ya2... New shoes.

CHAPTER 2 (Sept 8)
Ok... I think I was a lazy cat today. Huhu. Dtg jak gi skul, truz tido. Haha. Mngantuk sgt la tu. Actually, I'm on duty to keep the floor clean today. Me n FJ. Tuesdays. I... I dtg skul awal... At 0607. So, I wanna have a short nap. Just one short nap. I was da 1st human... I mean, yg smpai dulu. So, tido jak la... No one's there. N... After a while, I woke up. WTF?! Da klaz pnuh suda with 3A students! WHAT?! NO!!!! OK! B-b-but... I think I sleep ndak lama jak. But why...??? URGH! I glanced at my watch. It's pukul 0645! N I saw FJ dah pegang pnyapu. She handed one to me. But I geleng my head. Just wanna fool her actually. Haha.

FJ: Nah, tombongz! Eee... Tido jak keja.
Me: Like I want to
FJ: Oi! U're on duty today, sweetie
Me: Me dun wan!
FJ: Fine! I'm so not going to ikut u shopping diz cuti Raya!
Me: Okie... Me cari org lain la... Lalala~
FJ: Ok2... I was joking...
Me: I'm serious.
Me: Haha. I was joking, babe!
FJ: Haha. Sgt lawak la?
Me: Ya... Come, give me da broom.
FJ: (Hit my butt)
FJ: Ndak nemu... Haha!
Me: Huh!

CHAPTER 3 (Sept 8)
Huh! Waktu REHAT! Woohoo! It's time to take ur hp out n play. I bring my hp every day. Jahat punya student. Mcm la me sorang jak yg bawa. Every one does! Nama jak kelas harapan... But, discipline... Huh! Mcm arang! Haha!!! Then, I went out to beli makanan at the canteen with FJ. N then, I saw him! Who is him? EEE! My new enemy la...! X. He looked at me. He stared at me. As if he's trying to hypnotize me. What ever. Ya, I have to admit dat his eyes memang berpotensi untuk memeltkan kaum perempuan at our school. But, not me. He's not my type. Plus, he's my enemy. Lalala~ Then, he walked my way. Whispered something at my right ear. Nasib FJ x nmpak... If she did, she's gonna kill me! I mean, FJ, my most beloved shopping buddy is one of the victims yg melted with his eyes. Duh! Ok, smbung my crita. U wanna know what did he whisper?? He said,' Nice shoes.' Whatta?! Is that all?? Memang sah wanna perbodohkan me. Ok... Itu waktu rehat. Now, the 7th class. I went to the toilet, again, alone. I, again, get bumped onto him. EEE! Dia tu! Is he stalking on me?? Scary... He didn't look at me but he langgar me. SENGAJA!!!

H: Oi! X pakai mata kha?
Me: Apa?! X pakai mata?? Sapa x pkai mata??
H: Dik la!
Me: Honey, I dun wanna start a stupid fight with u.
H: Like I want to
Me: Urgh! Silently said,'No balls.'
H: Apa??
Me: Nothing. Sy kata awk hensem hari ni.
H: Sy memang hnsem. Stiap hari. Awk tu yg buta
Me: (I looked at him from his head to his feet)
H:Pa pndang2?
Me: Zip x tutup lagi.
H: Sbarang jak! Eeee!
Me: Hahahaha! Ok, then. Buhbye!
H: Dasar prempuan gila.

Look! He started it first!

Ok... Waktu balik. Weee~ Mercy! I took out my hp n checked it. Any msg? No. Any call? No. Ok jak... A few seconds later, I saw 'NEW MESSAGE'. What? So, I press da 'READ' button there. It's from dat stupid guy again! Hee! I looked around. And I saw his face, behind me. WTF?! Huh! X pa, x pa. I'm good in acting. So, I replied. He, too, good in acting. We texted each other like there's nothing ever happened between us. Haha.

X: Jaga awk esok
Me: Nak jaga sy? X thanks.
X: As if I want to
Me: Owh.
X: Owh.
Me: Owh.
X: Owh.
Me: Where r u?
X: Behind u
Me: U're a paparazzi of mine, rite?
X: No. I'm ur enemy.
Me: What ever.
X: Aok jak.
Me: Oh, ya. I've sumthing to tell u.
X: What?
Me: My friend, Van kirim slm.
X: Which one?
Me: La... Da boom boom pow
X: X guna.
Me: Haha. She's pretty.
X: Buta ka?
Me: Nope. She's.
X: I still prefer ur shoes.
Me: Haha. My shoes.
X: I mean, the owner.
Me: Mksud?
X: I like u.
Me: Dh lupa perjanjian?
X: Oh. Haha. Ok2.
Me: Good2.

N... So on... He's weird. Way too weird. Duh! Huh~ Yeah, a perjanjian. Haha. We made a perjanjian. N it's a secret. . . xP


Song of the day:
That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings

Monday, September 7, 2009

Colorful BORED busy

45 Pictures, Images and Photos

66 Pictures, Images and Photos

Photography Pictures, Images and Photos

28 Pictures, Images and Photos

cards photography Pictures, Images and Photos

Plus, BUSY.

So, NOTHING much...
Just photos...

I'll update my blog after PMR...
Sorry. My blog is way too uncool.
Haha. PMR bha...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


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Look! Haha. Teachers. Okay, today's post is bout teachers. Duh! It's lib time. Free-spirited students have been asked to be in the same class on Wednesdays so that we can do our revision n bla3. I'll sit next to FJ. N Flora sits in front of her every Wed. Well, I guess my mouth is a little bit active today. Always actually. Except for today, it's worse. Lol. Today's teacher is Miss. SO-HOT. Ok, the reason why I said she's da 'H' word bkoz, she's pretty n very fierce. Buwek! I bet everyone hates her. Me too. Wanna know y, every time if she comes to our class (da lib class), she'll stand at the front door so that everyone will notice n look at her. 'Chey! Dia fikir dia byk cntik kha?' Not my words. It's Van's. My friend. Ok. I hate to say this. Yes, she's pretty. But is it too hard for her to respect us? I guess, x susah pun. Actually, the reason y I wanna post bout that teacher is bkoz she'd piss me off! EXTREMELY. Wow...! Ai lyk. Ok... Mcm ni. My cuz, Joshly needed help in Maths. So, he came n sit in front of me. So, I ajar n ajar. Ajar punya ajar. He made a stupid joke. Haha. Not really a joke la. But sorta. N I burst my evil-like laughter out. AHAHAHA! That teacher, she looked at me. But I guess she still can forgive me. Lol. So I slowed down my volume. Urgh! My stupid enemy, X was sitting next to me. Pfft. Never mind. He didn't start a fight. But he did make an annoying sound. That teacher went to his seat n asked him to sit in front of her. HAHA! Padan muka. Jahatnya me. He deserved it, anyway. After Josh's mission completed, Roger pula yg asked for help. Haiz! In BI. Not to my luck, Roger's deaf n I have to speak louder. N I did scream bkoz why the hell must he jadi so pekak! The teacher asked da girl who sit in front of H to change her place with me. GOSH! I... I... Speechless! Dh la duduk dekat ngan X! N X is my greatest enemy. Help me, pliz! N he did kick my chair! EEEE! Sabar jak la. Semadi da cikgu kat depan. Kalau x, haha, I'll take ur virginity! Joking. His job is to start a new war everyday. Rite... He's so... PALUI!!! But never mind, Im sitting between 2 humans. That I hate. Haha. After the class ended, my friends smua asked me how does it feel, sitting in front of that teacher... I just answered, 'SHIT'. It's da best answer though. Anyway, being a teacher's pet is quite good though. I mean, I'm one of the best teacher, Madam Seo's pet. I love her so much! And I'm one of the worst teacher, Miss HOT's insect. EWW! Haha. But that's the fact. :D

Nothing much. Kinda busy to be exact.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's LIFE!

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Today. It's Sept 9. Urgh! I hate this date. I know I shouldn't because I'll have to face the same date every year. Lol. Our teachers gave back our test papers. SUCKS! The worse result; BM. I will tell u my mark here. Huhu. I got 71. So menyedihkan. WTF?! I hate it so much! Huhu. But never mind, it's life. Look at the picture above. I'm one of them who's sitting there. I mean, everyone does. I think I'm on the bottom this time. Bottom! Pfft. Never mind. I just have to roll up a little bit then I wouldn't be too harsh to myself in the future. C'mon. A month before PMR. It's still a long way to go(trying to comfort myself, actually.). I can always try n do better within that month. Rite? YES!
And my BEST result is Maths! Woohoo! I love Maths since I was in Primary 4. I got 96 for it. Lol. It's a big difference... BIG! Lalala~ Everyone hates their result for BM. Me too. I'm not excluded. Haha. I'm listening to Muzik. FM. N they're tuning a song by Rossa. HEY, LADIES! Well, it's a nice song though. Ok... Chapter 1; habiz!

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This time, I wanna share what had happen earlier this morning at school in the class. Our Geo teacher, Madam Kieu gave us some paper works. Lol. When I've got mine already, I have 35 pieces. Byk worr! Then, she asked us to arrange them in order. And I did. I divided them by 3. All I need to do next is to staple them. For the 1st n 2nd sets, I did well in stapling. When it comes for the 3rd set; the last one; I faced a difficulty. Haha. I tried to staple it but nothing happened. And I did check the staplers n the staples. But nothing's wrong. Huh~ WTH?! Staple punya staple, x juga menjadi. I think I've made a big scar on my papers. Ugly. So, I asked my best friend, Flora to help me. Same result, nothing happened. Urgh! 'This is so pissing me off!' It's no longer a big scar, it turned into a hole. Getting uglier! SHIT! Flora gave up. She almost step on my papers but luckily, I stopped her. Huhu. Sampai hati. Without a sound, my best girl, FJ took my paper n try to staple it for me. NEGATIVE. U know what, she said, 'This is so a FUCKING CUTE PAPER OF MY BEST FRIEND! JUST BURN IT!' Lagi la kejam. Huhu. Huh~ After a while, I took it from her hand n smile happily (trying to calm myself down). I closed my eyes n... n.... n... it worked! I did it! At last... N that cracked Bernard nominated my paper as the ugliest paper of the day. I did punch him. Lol. 'Oww!' His word... It's silly day!

It's a very2 hard-to-describe day. Undescribable day.

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Monday, August 31, 2009


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Ha! Look! Jalur Gemilang. Well, ada semangat kebangsaan sikit la today. I woke up at 10.17 this morning. So tired. Then, I went to my study table, on da laptop, n check my Facebook. I have an obsession. Haha. Officially addicted. Ops! I checked my cell phone. WTH?! I saw 14 new msgs. My friends greeted me 'SELAMAT HARI MERDEKA!'. I dunno why. I mean, for the past few years, x da pun org mau greet. Well, I guess bkoz this year we'll be sitting on PMR. Duh! I went downstairs and I saw my little brother sedang mengibarkan a little bendera. Apu! What's happening? ONE MALAYSIA all of a sudden? Haha. Then, I went to my brother's room. To my surprise, he's coloring a bendera! Ok... Everyone in my house is driving me crazy. Chapter 1; operation completed. o.0

P.s: Nothing much happened today. Sorry. Today's post isn't nice. =.=

Bored. ~.~

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Look at the sky ♥


This morning, I woke up at 9. I don't know why am I feeling sad. Huhu.So, I dialed up my best cuz, Diana's number. To my stupid, me abiz credit suda. Haiz. Angry. So I went to the bathroom. I took my shower. N we didn't go to the church. Hm... I feel bad. Then, I went to the living room. I saw my pet cat, Wormy main dgn its ball. Happily. Ei...! I feel so geram. I picked it up n hug it tightly. Feel better. Lepas geram to be exact. A few minutes later, Diana called. Haha. I talked to her for about 20 minutes. Bla2. Then, Ralph, my ex texted me. I told him that I feel so not good. Uncool. Then, he asked me to read the bible. Yes, I feel better... Then I went out I looked at the sky... It's BRIGHT! I feel happier! Lol. What happened to me? I have no idea. Haha. Ok, enough with Chapter 1. I'll continue later. It's time to makan. Lapar... :D

Oh, ya. I did upload some photos today. The photo below is the same with the ones that I put in my Facebook.


Haha. This evening my family went to my cuz, Elvis's aunt's house at Tatau. So FUNNY! We'd enjoy the evening. But one thing which spoiled the enjoyment was his gf, N, initial, tetiba cari gaduh with him. Haha. Love story. Then, he's stupid. Why? He asked me to answer every question that she asked. My GOSH! For his sake, I have to. Uh-huh. Semadi jak he is my cuz. Huh. I won't tell u what I did n what she answered bkoz it was FREAKING stupid n funny. Lol. Then, we, my cuzs n I went for a walk. Which was a long walk. Haha. I think I've lost a kilo. I've never been there so I think I was the sakai person. Pfft. But no worry, it's life. At least I'd discover a new part in this world. I took pictures n we played games. Then, at 8 something we went back.I missed them. WAIT! Oh, ya. The stupidest incident that happened on that evening was the whole family, I mean Elvis's aunt's family thought that I was his gf. EWW! Haha. Anyway, it's just a misunderstanding doe. N I did make new friends there. They're very kind, u know. I think I'm da princess of the day. NADAWAH! Well, my chapter 2 of the day has it ending here. So, that's all. :)

Huhu, On our back to Bintulu, I did text him. N he did reply me. Nothing much actually. Just, 'thanks' n 'take care'. Hm... I think I was kinda ego that time. If for this long, he's the first person to say 'hi' n 'bye', I guess this time I was the one. I started the 'hi' n ended it with a 'bye'. Look. I know I was evil. But he has to know how do I feel every time he said 'bye' for this long. Did he feel happy with it? If he did, me too, I wanna feel the happiness that he felt. Huh~ I'm tired. I'm tired with balls. So TIRED! He did make a joke. But I didn't laugh. It's funny though but I try not to text a 'haha' there. Urgh. Fyi, I'm trying to avoid him but I just can't help myself. I always wanna know how's he doing, is he ok, n so-is-everything. But my evil side told me not to be good. He'll step on my head if I do. Huh~ But I think he won't because he's a good boy in my term. I guess my evil side had won the war. N my good side; lost. SUSAHNYA! I'm scared if I take the wrong step, I won't be able to do the correction. I do HATE corrections. I'll think again... None of my friends know a single thing about my like-love story because I keep it a secret. Haha. Stupid, aite? I share it all here but I didn't tell them. Lol. But u people x tau pun nama dia. Ha! So, it's still a secret of mine. :D

It's a COLORFUL day! There's pink. There's purple. There's yellow. N every color! So cute, is it? Haha. N I can face it with ease. Of course. ;)

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