Monday, September 14, 2009

Kindness? Hypocrite? Blur?

He's sweet. I guess. Ahaha. Fyi, on Mondays, form 3 student will must-attend an assembly. Duh! I never like assemblies. Lala. So, me n my friends were late for it. Apu! Then, as we arrived at the dewan, our chairs were gone. NO! Eeee! Sy paling bncik la mau mncari krusi nie! Da dewan is so freaking big! N huh! FJ asked me to look for some at the back of the hall. Cari punya cari, result; negative. WHY??? Unfair. I saw loads of pengawas there. They angkut-ing da krusi. N... I saw him. Haha. X. He's one of them who angkut da krusi to idk where. As he saw me, I tried my best not to meet his eyes. Lala. So menakutkan. N I can tell that he knows dat I have no chair. Kesian me. Not only me to be exact. My friends pun nadai kerusi. Then, he went. He went to da front part of the hall. So did I. No chair. Looks like I have to stand. Yea, yea, I have to. Putus harapan. A seconds later, as I reached my destination, I saw he's talking to another pengawas. Talk n talk. Then he pointed out a finger into my direction. Huh?? And da pengawas brought a chair for me. Ok.. I wonder what did X tell him to do. Kinda sweet. It's sweet! Apu! Dari hari ke hari, he's making me melt. NO! Dolce, u x boleh melt gara2 seorg lelaki! Guys! Diz kaum had hurt my feeling. Especially, da latest one. Huh! Dats why Im trying not to have... Boyfriend. Anymore. I guess. U see, mereka ini kan, just... Hanya mau ambik kesempatan jak! Ok, my topic, CLOSE! Sambung with X's story. N... Hehe. He smiled at me. Lalala. I mean X. He smiled. Ok, it's an impression. Nothing much. An impression. Cute. Lol.


Waktu balik. As you know (tauk ke?), every Monday my friends n I will lepak at the pit-stop there. So, as we reached there, we put our bags. N truz gi canteen. Lapar. I went there with 2 friends. N we did limpas X. Haha. I just make don't know. Bkoz my friends, I mean yg jalan with my are his fans. Ew! Ew! Fans?! Haha. Another 'EW!'. He, too, made tak tau. As if he x knal me. Apu! I think, we both can win awards this year. PELAKON TERBAIK. So, we truzkn perjalanan pgi kantin. I thought he'll be waiting with us. But... He didn't. Huhu. Nah! I dunno why...I...Sedih. I hope he didn't put a spell on me. Lol. He went earlier. Then, I saw my hp. '1 NEW MESSAGE FROM X' Okeyh... Read. 'I went back a little earlier. Sorry.' I replied(try to be a bad girl) 'It's ok. N as if I'm waiting for u.' Haha. Kena smacked la pula! Ahaha! Kesian him. Lala. Then after a while, I felt guilty. Bkoz he dh tolong dptkan me a chair. N he texted,' Auk jak.' N i answered,' Well, hey, thanks for the chair.'

H: U're welcome.
Me: Ok, u mean it?
H: Apa?
Me: Bgi me da krusi?
H: Ya. I'm kind.
Me: (Perasan) I know, I know. Sgt baik.
H: Yeah.
Me: What did u said?
H: To?
Me: Dat pngwas just now.
H: Oh. 'Tolong letak krusi nie kat bhgian klas 3A.'
Me: Pndai ouh. Susun ayat.
H: Takkan la sy nak kata,' Tolong bgi krusi kat prempuan cute yg brambut kerinting tu.'
Me: Haha. Sgt lawak la.
H: Ya. Sgt lawak.


Apu! Just now, I checked my Facebook. Hish! Open jak, truz kluar his name! I feel like 'URGH!' Sgt bencik, ok! Huh! Can't he just pupus?! I hate him so much! He hurt my feeling. Dah la nak dekat2 PMR lgi tu! Ya, I know, he has a lot of fans. I mean da girls. And he thinks dat he's perfect alredi? C'mon! Apu! Sgt marah ni! Urgh!! If he text me again, hah, I'll try my best not to answer him politely. I wanna make something. Which can help me to make da connection btween me n him PUTUS! Can't wait. I feel sick. Rite now. Totally hate him. Nmpaknya sejarah berulang. Haha! If he ada baca my blog, hm, I hope he can enjoy it. N... yes, I think he can tell dat dis chapter in diz post is dedicated to him. Just for u. U should say 'Thank you.' Dear U-hurt-my-feeling, u're kind. Ya. U're sweet. Check. But just like what my sis (can't reveal her identity) said,' He' not good in respecting girls.' So... At first, I thought it was a joke. I tried my best to ignore it as I tgh lemas dlm perasaan palui. Then, she's right. Please, u-hurt-my-feeling, try to change urself. U're smart. Kind. Sweet. Capable. Don't waste it. Try to respect girls. Don't easily hurt our feelings. I know, it's fun, rite? Hurting feelings? U-hurt-my-feeling, u hurt my feeling! N u just make dunno. Isn't dat cool??! COOL, RITE?! Angry. Yeah, dats it what I feel. N one thing dat I always wanted to tell u, 'PLEASE, GROW UP!' U love to merajuk. Especially when u're with me. People around da world told me dat u can be a good model to the public. Huh! Public figure la konon. Ok...I think I'll continue my post later. I need to refresh myself........................... Continue. Ok. Im done. I threw everything yg ada kaitan with him. Just now. Into da dustbin. Haha. I feel better. Ralph, I love u! Ok... Ralph is my best ex. We're now best friends. He's da one who told me to do so. Buang sgala benda yg ada kaitan dgn dia. N I did. Better n happier. Ralph's kind. Even though ada gila2 skit. Lala. Ops! I forgot to tell u all. Dis u-hurt-my-feeling is not X nor Ralph. He's da guy dat I'd reveal in my first post. Duh! Okie, buhbye! Our topic, TUTUP!

N so on....

I'm trying to be strong.

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