Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Day of Blogging


It's August 29(I know I don't have to state the date but it can be one of my favorite date, is it?), n I just started my first blog. Well, I guess it wasn't too late for me to share my everyday life. Nothing much actually. Random. Yeah, random. Word of the day. I'm not that good in sharing my story with people but yeah, I saw a friend's blog n I have the gesture to have one. N here it is. I know, I know, kinda boring, huh? I'm learning... I promise, I'll do better in the next post.

Mood swings. Yeah, I'm having it rite now. I guess it's because I'd face some stupid problems lately. First, with a loved one. Second, I discov
ered a new enemy. Third, my wallet dried up. Forth, it's a boring hols! I always wanted to shop with FJ this week but hell no, my wallet dah mcm salai ikan. Pfft! Huh~ But the stupidest problem is I want to avoid someone. I mean a loved one. (It's not that I don't love or like you anymore but i don't know what is the main reason until I can easily hate and try to avoid you this week. I think it's because you'd hurt my feeling.) New enemy. Yeah! Dat's it! Diz guy... He's a new-listed-human in my list. Well, his name is H. Initial. I know he's one of the popular guy in our school n his everyday life is to run away from girls. Haha. Countless. He's quite cute though. But sorry, not my taste. He once liked me but I dunno how can... I mean, ENEMIES. Urgh, we r enemies. Huh~ Life. As one of my sis's sayings goes, This life is colorless. That's why we need to color it with our favorite colors. But once u discolor it, it'll ruin. N I guess she's right. Hehe. Even though I will always love-hate her. N I'd discolor mine.

Hm... I wait n wait for his msg, but he didn't text me today. Haha. I guess the countdown's over n the story has it ending. Sad ending. Huhu. But that kinda thing won't make me cry. It's just that I'd discolor my life. Lol. Huh~ I have my best friend, rite now, who texted me. Ha3. Stupid Alejandro. Ada ke patut he told me that I look
like an Indon girl. WTH?! N a few minutes before that, my best cuz, Diana texted me. She told me that she putus cinta, again. Haiz~ I guess tonight was a colorful night though. But wait! Below is my conversation with Alejandro. It was started when he told me there's an Indon guy like me n said that I look like an Indon Princess.

Alej: MATI LHA... Nada kisah... :P

Dyona: Xsen

Alej: Xsen... Xsen...
Dyona: Xsen.
Alej: Xsen... Itu sja kah awk pndai ckap...
Dyona: Xs...e...n...
Alej: Manas kah? Elek ah... Dti tdi sya main2... Hehe.. Juz for fun...
Dyona: Xs...e...n...!
Alej: Xsen... Xsen... Xsen... :P sadek!!!
Dyona: Xsen
Alej: Geram btul sya dgr! Xsen x100... Oh, udah nyak... Ndai utai lain kah?
Dyona: Xsen for ever
Alej: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Gila sya kena kmu!!!!

Haha. I'd drive him crazy at the end. xDDD

Well, I think... Done. My first post langsai sudah. Huh~ Kinda tired too. I know my keja was only typing the keyboard... TIRED! It's time to revise everything...!! I mean, study. Haha. So, gudnite!

P.s: I think my post is boring... 0.o

Song of the day:
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