Sunday, August 30, 2009

Look at the sky ♥


This morning, I woke up at 9. I don't know why am I feeling sad. Huhu.So, I dialed up my best cuz, Diana's number. To my stupid, me abiz credit suda. Haiz. Angry. So I went to the bathroom. I took my shower. N we didn't go to the church. Hm... I feel bad. Then, I went to the living room. I saw my pet cat, Wormy main dgn its ball. Happily. Ei...! I feel so geram. I picked it up n hug it tightly. Feel better. Lepas geram to be exact. A few minutes later, Diana called. Haha. I talked to her for about 20 minutes. Bla2. Then, Ralph, my ex texted me. I told him that I feel so not good. Uncool. Then, he asked me to read the bible. Yes, I feel better... Then I went out I looked at the sky... It's BRIGHT! I feel happier! Lol. What happened to me? I have no idea. Haha. Ok, enough with Chapter 1. I'll continue later. It's time to makan. Lapar... :D

Oh, ya. I did upload some photos today. The photo below is the same with the ones that I put in my Facebook.


Haha. This evening my family went to my cuz, Elvis's aunt's house at Tatau. So FUNNY! We'd enjoy the evening. But one thing which spoiled the enjoyment was his gf, N, initial, tetiba cari gaduh with him. Haha. Love story. Then, he's stupid. Why? He asked me to answer every question that she asked. My GOSH! For his sake, I have to. Uh-huh. Semadi jak he is my cuz. Huh. I won't tell u what I did n what she answered bkoz it was FREAKING stupid n funny. Lol. Then, we, my cuzs n I went for a walk. Which was a long walk. Haha. I think I've lost a kilo. I've never been there so I think I was the sakai person. Pfft. But no worry, it's life. At least I'd discover a new part in this world. I took pictures n we played games. Then, at 8 something we went back.I missed them. WAIT! Oh, ya. The stupidest incident that happened on that evening was the whole family, I mean Elvis's aunt's family thought that I was his gf. EWW! Haha. Anyway, it's just a misunderstanding doe. N I did make new friends there. They're very kind, u know. I think I'm da princess of the day. NADAWAH! Well, my chapter 2 of the day has it ending here. So, that's all. :)

Huhu, On our back to Bintulu, I did text him. N he did reply me. Nothing much actually. Just, 'thanks' n 'take care'. Hm... I think I was kinda ego that time. If for this long, he's the first person to say 'hi' n 'bye', I guess this time I was the one. I started the 'hi' n ended it with a 'bye'. Look. I know I was evil. But he has to know how do I feel every time he said 'bye' for this long. Did he feel happy with it? If he did, me too, I wanna feel the happiness that he felt. Huh~ I'm tired. I'm tired with balls. So TIRED! He did make a joke. But I didn't laugh. It's funny though but I try not to text a 'haha' there. Urgh. Fyi, I'm trying to avoid him but I just can't help myself. I always wanna know how's he doing, is he ok, n so-is-everything. But my evil side told me not to be good. He'll step on my head if I do. Huh~ But I think he won't because he's a good boy in my term. I guess my evil side had won the war. N my good side; lost. SUSAHNYA! I'm scared if I take the wrong step, I won't be able to do the correction. I do HATE corrections. I'll think again... None of my friends know a single thing about my like-love story because I keep it a secret. Haha. Stupid, aite? I share it all here but I didn't tell them. Lol. But u people x tau pun nama dia. Ha! So, it's still a secret of mine. :D

It's a COLORFUL day! There's pink. There's purple. There's yellow. N every color! So cute, is it? Haha. N I can face it with ease. Of course. ;)

Song of the day:
We Cry by The Script