Thursday, September 10, 2009


Nothing much... I was bored for the whole day. N I am. Rite now. Sgt menyedihkan, u know. N...

N... I didn't see X today. Uuu... Kinda miss him bha. Maybe he's absence? Never mind. I've lost a color today. Huhu. X pa, x pa... Waaa!! Tak tau pa mau ditaip la...! Ish! Rite, I'm bored. I did take some pics with my friends just now in class. N I enjoyed it. But I hate to say this; I miss him. NO!! Thanks God, I didn't express my feeling to any of my friends. 'I miss him.' If I say so, they'll response:

FJ: What?! U're insane!
Flora: U're ok?
Cab: How can u betray me?!
Steph: Look, I won't say anything bkoz u've pissed me off!
Jess: No! Dat's so... URGH!
Van: NOOOO! Putus kawan!
Nicky: Rite.Did u enjoy it for hurting my feeling?!
Anna: Just shut up!
Vio: Any further, I'll slap u.

I can predict n feel it dat they'll say these!


P.s: Dun salah phm. I miss him only, ok. No love him. :)

Apu! He did text me today.

X: Bye.
Me: Bye.
X: Didn't see u today.
Me: Me too.
X: Absence?
Me: No.
X: Where were u, then?
Me: Anything to do with u?
X: No. It was a question.
Me: Oh. Ok.
X: Miss me?
Me: Shut up!
X: Joking.
Me: U, absence?
X: No. I thought u're.
Me: No. I thought u're.
X: Oh
Me: No keluar class kha?
X: I did. Waktu rehat.
Me: Me, too. I did. Rehat oso.
X: Aik? Haha. Maybe we shouldn't see each other today.
Me: So dat u won't start a fight.
X: Kamu yg dulu.
Me: Excuse me, human.

And so on... What? I thought he nadai hadir. Pa kha...?? Haha.

Hm... I miss him.

Song of the day:
Everything I'm Not by The Veronicas