Sunday, September 13, 2009


Haha. Look at the title. 'Stupid?' Yea. Why? Bkoz yesterday, I took a quiz. It's about Asking Fortune Teller. I asked it/her/him, 'Am I stupid?' N it/she/he answered,' Only on 13th of every month.' So, today is 13th. Haha. Nadai pun I looked stupid. Sebarang da jak. But I dun really care bout dat.

Hm... Nothing much. Okay. As usual, I waited for his msg. Not X. Da other guy. Da one dat I revealed in my first post. Yeah, him. N he didn't text me. Ok... Looks like he's giving me a chance to move on. So, I'll. Maybe I'll stay single this year. Huh~ Just like what my sis Bern said,' Tired of balls.' Me too. In my opinion, single is better. Wanna know why? Bkoz I'm a failure. About diz lovey-dovey thing. I'm suck. Haha. Dah nasib la tu. I'll wait for my husband. What?! As if I'm going to get married. Hm... I dun really have a piece of mind bout this kinda thing. I mean about marriage. Lala. Ok, his topic, TUTUP!

Huh~ X did text me. N he's texting me rite now. Pa kha him itu...? Well, me x really mngantuk but...actually, me malas nak reply msg org. Duh! I prefer reading Shin Chan than reply org
punya msg. Lala. N... Haha. Ok. My true heart. X is kind. N yes, he's cute. He asked me couple of times whether I can trima him jadi my bf. But I said,'NO.' And it's a fixed answer. Once I said, 'NO' try to make me say 'YES' n u might get hurt. Sorry. So, last week, I told him,' Let's stay friends. I like u as a buddy. N I dun want to change it.' N he answered,' Hm... Yea. U're rite... It's hard but I'll try.' Sounds very scary boh. Haha(ketawa x ikhlas). Another reason is, I dun wanna be his special one bkoz, u know, he's popular. N I can say that every girl likes him. So, if I jadi his special one, my reputation'll drop. Hm... Merepek lha me here! Ignore her! I gnore diz girl. Her name is Dyona Intan n also known as Dolce. Haha. Ok... Bye!


Song of the day:
Big Big World by Emilia