Wednesday, September 2, 2009


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Look! Haha. Teachers. Okay, today's post is bout teachers. Duh! It's lib time. Free-spirited students have been asked to be in the same class on Wednesdays so that we can do our revision n bla3. I'll sit next to FJ. N Flora sits in front of her every Wed. Well, I guess my mouth is a little bit active today. Always actually. Except for today, it's worse. Lol. Today's teacher is Miss. SO-HOT. Ok, the reason why I said she's da 'H' word bkoz, she's pretty n very fierce. Buwek! I bet everyone hates her. Me too. Wanna know y, every time if she comes to our class (da lib class), she'll stand at the front door so that everyone will notice n look at her. 'Chey! Dia fikir dia byk cntik kha?' Not my words. It's Van's. My friend. Ok. I hate to say this. Yes, she's pretty. But is it too hard for her to respect us? I guess, x susah pun. Actually, the reason y I wanna post bout that teacher is bkoz she'd piss me off! EXTREMELY. Wow...! Ai lyk. Ok... Mcm ni. My cuz, Joshly needed help in Maths. So, he came n sit in front of me. So, I ajar n ajar. Ajar punya ajar. He made a stupid joke. Haha. Not really a joke la. But sorta. N I burst my evil-like laughter out. AHAHAHA! That teacher, she looked at me. But I guess she still can forgive me. Lol. So I slowed down my volume. Urgh! My stupid enemy, X was sitting next to me. Pfft. Never mind. He didn't start a fight. But he did make an annoying sound. That teacher went to his seat n asked him to sit in front of her. HAHA! Padan muka. Jahatnya me. He deserved it, anyway. After Josh's mission completed, Roger pula yg asked for help. Haiz! In BI. Not to my luck, Roger's deaf n I have to speak louder. N I did scream bkoz why the hell must he jadi so pekak! The teacher asked da girl who sit in front of H to change her place with me. GOSH! I... I... Speechless! Dh la duduk dekat ngan X! N X is my greatest enemy. Help me, pliz! N he did kick my chair! EEEE! Sabar jak la. Semadi da cikgu kat depan. Kalau x, haha, I'll take ur virginity! Joking. His job is to start a new war everyday. Rite... He's so... PALUI!!! But never mind, Im sitting between 2 humans. That I hate. Haha. After the class ended, my friends smua asked me how does it feel, sitting in front of that teacher... I just answered, 'SHIT'. It's da best answer though. Anyway, being a teacher's pet is quite good though. I mean, I'm one of the best teacher, Madam Seo's pet. I love her so much! And I'm one of the worst teacher, Miss HOT's insect. EWW! Haha. But that's the fact. :D

Nothing much. Kinda busy to be exact.

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