Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What a day?

Lala. At school. Phew~ Today, all form 3 students sit for their Mathematics Trial Exam. Haha. Me too. Included. Wow! Paper 1 kinda tough... Huhu. Scary. N paper 2 was okay. They made it balance. Thanks God. Well, nothing much actually. Just random. N... I don't really remember what had happen to X today. Oh, ya. He smiled at me when waktu balik. Haha. My friend, bla(bukan nama sebenar) pulak perasan. Haiz. He loves to make girls luput. But he can't do da same thing to me. I'm trying to be strong, okie? Ya. I'm trying. Lulu. Funny, u know.

X smiled at me.
I smiled back.
Bla: Apu! Did u see that?
Me: Saw what?
Bla: He's smiling at me.
Me: (Blur) Who?
Bla: (whisper) H...
Me: (Smile stupidly) Oh, ok.
Bla: He colored my day, Dolce!
Me: Yeah, he did.
Bla: U're happy?
Me: Ya... For u.
Bla: Jgn jelez, ok? He's mine today.
Me: Me? Jealous? Oh, no. U can have him.
Bla: That's so kind of u. Thanks. Love u!
Me: (I wonder why must she be dat happy) Ok... Ya. Thanks.
Bla: He's cute, rite?
Me: Who?
Bla: Eeee! R u listening to me?
Me: Ya. Oh, I mean, who?
Bla: Duh! X la. Sapa lagik...
Me: Oh, haha. Yeah.
Bla: I love his eyes...
Me: Ok... (Slowly n silently) I love his stupidness...
Bla: U love his wat?
Me: I said I love his nose.
Bla: His nose?
Me: Ya... Haha. Nose.
Bla: Well, I don't. I love everything bout him. Aww!
Me: Ok... Close topic. We better get going.
Bla: That's so not kind of u, La Dolce!
Me: Ok... C'mon. U can always see him if u want to.
Bla: Tomorrow!
Me: U shud put some make up on.
Bla: Nice joke, huh?
Me: I'm serious.
Bla: I know. I know. Nice one.
Me: Thanks. C'mon.
Bla: Shud I say 'welcome'?
Me: Duh!

N so on...

Waktu pulai! Yeah! Mercy, baby! Hm... I walked with Bla, again. We're not really close. I mean, not as close as I'm with FJ. But, FJ told me dat she needed space. For herself. I wonder why. Maybe it's because she found out dat Taylor Lautner is Selena Gomez's boy. I guess. Duh! Haiz... So pathetic. But, what can I do. She's my best buddy... So... Smbung balik with Bla's story. Okeyh! Again, I have to become her victim, today. She talked about X all da way to the bank. What am I talking bout? Lala. I have to listen to her from da introduction part till the closure. I can't wait till she reach her closure. Really. Huh! So funny, u see. I wonder how will my friends act if they've found out dat I knal dat X. NO!! Ok... Forget bout dat. She said dat X is cute n bla3. And I have to answer 'yeah','Wow!','Ok...','oh, really?','yeah, I agree' n 'dat's cute.' Jeez... I'm such a cover girl today. But... What can I do. Duh! As we reached da bus stop, I met Flora. She's talking to her bf. So romantic. She punched my butt. EE! It's hurt, ok?!

Me: Hurt!
Flo: Sorry la, syg...
Bf: Yo, La Dolce Nana.
Me: Haha. Nice shot.
Flo: He knows ur nicky nick name?
Me: Duh... Same tuition maa...
Bf: She's hot time tuition.
Me: Shut up!
Flo: Biasa la my sister bha.
Me: Haha. Ok... I dun wanna kacau daun.
Bf: We're not be'romance' rite now. It's time for just-friends theme.
Me: Oh, really?
Flo: Yup! Well, kinda miss u, honey
Me: We just met. In da class.
Flo: Haha. Yeah! It was a joke.
Bf: (Talking to Flo) So, I wanna go there. Wanna ckap2 with my buddies. Ok, bye, my syg!
Flo: Bye...
Me: Is it cool for having a love one?
Flo: Truth to be told, no.
Me: Why????
Flo: Sis, we're going to break up.
Me: What???
Flo: Yeah. B4 PMR.
Cab: (Interrupting) Dolce! OMG3!
Me: Shut up!
Flo: Smbung... He'd agree.
Me: Ok... I dun wanna say anything bkoz I'm suck in diz kinda thing. No comment.
Flo: I know...
Cab: Done?
Me: Yea, so what's dat?
Cab: He looked at me!
Me: Who?
Cab: U know I never ckap psal lelaki lain except for X, rite?
Me: Ya... Sy tau.
Cab: He looked at me!
Me: So?
Cab: I'm happy! I'm ready to wash da dishes dat my mum'll ask me to do later.
Me: Anything to do with dishes?
Cab: I mean, sy kan pmalas.
Me: Oh, yeah! Haha!
Flo: Patutla still single...
Cab: Sibuk! Snyap awk!
Me: Dat's cute... So... He needs to look at u everyday so dat ur mummy will be happy.
Cab: He has to jadi my husband bha
Me: Husband? Stop dreaming, sis! Wake up! It's 1.45 p.m. already!
Cab: Haha. Joking. I think I'm having an obsession...
Me: Ya... U're.

N so on...

P.s: My friends... They're insane!

Heal them, please?

Song of the day:
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