Friday, September 11, 2009

Top or Bottom?

Haiz... I came to school at 0605 diz morning. N as I reached my class, me truz go to 3B. Lepaking there. Kinda pissed off. Idk why. Maybe hormon x betul kot... Ha3!

Rehat... My friend, Adele asked me to join da Drama Club. OMG! I wondered why did she choose me? I asked her n she answered,' Bkoz u're a Drama Queen, sweetie!' Haha. A Drama Queen? Indeed? Blah~ So, I made up my mind, I'll join. N... n... n ... n... I didn't see dat human, again! Ei...! Miss bha mau gado sma dia... Huhu. Pa kha...?

Balik! Lalala~ I did see him today. N... He looked at me. Smiled evilly... Hish! Can't he smile in other way? Mcm mau buat sumthing yg menakutkan da jak his snyuman. Dohh3! But I didn't talk to him. So susah if we wanna talk to each other in school. Paparazzi are everywhere! Candid3! Hish! Masa he looked at me pun, we juz limpas2 each other. Kesian. Desperate mau bergaduh. Desperate gal. Lol. Waktu balik I walked with FJ n Steph. Hee~ Lalala. We gossip2 about people. Haha. And... another AND... When, Steph n I limpas the pit stop, da one inside our skul, I saw him. He looked at me, again. I wondered why dun he wait at the usual place... So, I ignored his eyes (try not to meet them) and walked away... I went and waited at the bus stop near da Kg. Assyakirin there... I took out my hp n texted him.

Me: Y r u there?
He: Where?
Me: Pit stop.
He: Scare.
Me: Means?
He: I mean, I dun wanna wait at da usual place.
Me: Y?
He: Takut.
Me: Y?
He: Secret.
Me: O ok.
He: Can I trust u?
Me: Idk. Ur choice.
He: Ok, then. I'll tell u.
Me: Anyhow
He: Bkoz dat gay is waiting for me.
Me: GAY?!
He: Ya.
Me: U're a gay?
He: No. I'm straight, babe.
Me: Haha. So?
He: How do u feel if a lesbian is waiting for u n u dun like her?
Me: It's an 'Ew!'.
He: Nah. U don't know dat ders a gay who likes me?
Me: No. I dun have da passion.
He: Haha. Passion.
Me: Is the gay cute?
He: Hell no!
Me: Who's he?
He: I'll tell u tomorrow. Further details, I can't reveal it.
Me: U'll come?
He: Ya.
Me: No.
He: U don't?
Me: I mean, 'No' if u're there.
He: I'll come.
Me: Me too. But I dun wanna see u.
He: Hypocrite.
Me: Excuse me, sandwich?
He: Sandwich. Rite. U wanna see me, I know.
Me: Xsen. Wrong.
He: No comment.

N so on...

At home... Phew~ So tired. I went to my room after I ate my lunch. Took my bath. Read my Shin Chan. After a while, my hp rang. 'Sis Florence'. She called me. So, I answered.

Me: Ya?
FJ: I have something to tell u!!!!
Me: Ok. Cool down. Bout what, dear?
FJ: Ok... Cool down. I wanna cry! Oh, SHIT!!
Me: Bad news?
FJ: NO!!! Dis news, da one I wanna tell u sooner or later or after dis is a freaking GOOD NEWS!!! AWWW!
Me: Ok. U're getting worse.
FJ: I know! Haha. Excuse me? Wat did u say?
Me: U're getting worse?
FJ: SHUT UP! Ok... Sabar... Tarik nafas pnjang2.
Me: C'mon! Tell me. Bout wat?
FJ: Just now, at school, Cikgu Sumir told me something.
Me: Bout wat?
FJ: He chose us, da two of us, to represent Bintulu.
Me: Represent what?
FJ: Bintulu, honey!!!
Me: Ok. To where?
Me: Rite... Kuching. For wat?
FJ: SYG, u don't sound like u're excited!
Me: I am. I am excited. (Doesn't she know, dat I'm trying to control myself. So dat I won't jump on my queen-sized bed?)
FJ: Ok! We'll be camping... On 28/11/09
Me: Camping. I love it.
FJ: But I dun! My aims are 1st, cute guys from any school. 2nd, I wanna shop! 3rd, I wan markah kk. 4th, I wanna take pics with u.
Me: Shopping?
FJ: Ya! C'mon, babe! Shopping! Isn't dat word sounds lovely?
Me: Ya. Way too lovely until I wanna drop. (Can't she hear I'm biting my pillow?)
FJ: R u ok?
Me: Ya. Im all fine.
FJ: Sis, u'll come?
Me: A big 'YES!'
FJ: U've asked ur mum?
Me: I dun care, if I say 'I WANNA GO' my parents will open da door n give me some 'Kaa ching!'
FJ: I wanna kiss n hug u rite now! Muax3!
Me: Muax for u too!
FJ: Ok, syg... C u tomorrow! Buhbye! Love u so muchy, Dyona Intan. (Is it a must to call out my full name)
Me: Bye...! Yeah, c u tomorrow! Love u too, Florence Joshua. (Paid back)

After da call ended... I jumped on my bed happily!!! Shit! It's all bout shopping! Urgh! It's time to kumpul duit!! N my mum jerit from downstairs

Mum: Ms. Intan, r u trying to destroy our house which ur daddy hasn't fully pay yet?
Me: No, mum! It's just dat Im too excited!
Bro: She has a new affair.
Mum: New boyfriend?
Me: Haha. No mummy, dear. N u, fat boy just shut up!FJ told me sumthing. It's all bout Kuching n shopping!!
Bro: Kak, I feel kesian tgk u bkoz u r still single. Look at me, my status is In A Relationship.
Me: SHUT UP! Da girl is only wanna ikut u bkoz u always bawa duit byk2 to skul n u show ur hp for everyone to see n u r da Top student there. So, we're different!!
Bro: No, we're not different. N yes, kak, dun stay single trlalu lama. Haha!
Me: Sukati org la, sibok!
Bro: Sukati org la, sibok!
Me: Just SHUT UP! I'm black-belted girl, ok?!
Bro: Just SHUT UP n Look for a new boy. She's a desperate girl, ok?!
Mum: Ok, keep on fighting. I dun wanna kacau.
Me: Mum! Serious la! (N my bro teruz texted his new gf)
Mum: Ok2, I dun wanna see u to be moody for the whole month, u may go.
Me: I know, I know... LOVE U, MUMMY!
Mum: Bout money, ask from ur bank.
Me: Bank?
Mum: Ur daddy...
Me: Ok, mum!!!

I JUST LOVE MY MUMMY and DADDY SO MUCH! I LOVE THEM! I LOVE3 THEM! How am I going to pay them? PMR! Dat's da only WAY! I'll do my best...!


I love everyone!

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