Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New? Sleepy? URGH!

CHAPTER 1 (Sept 7)
Duh! No pic there... Haha. Sorry. I said that I'm busy for the whole month, rite? Well, I guess not that serious. Apu...!. WHY? Huh~ I came late to school today. 0634. Lambat 30 minutes! Masa itu emas, okeyh? But I guess I didn't agree with the saying today. Haha. As I reached there, I quickly entered my beloved kingdom. As if I'm da king...or queen? Pa2 jak la. N the guys (cracked ones) looked at me (they're sitting at the school pit stop). Pfft. 'WHY ARE THEY LOOKING AT ME?' My friend, Steph told me,'I think it's bkoz of ur new shoes.' Whatta? My new kasut skul?? Ok, I've to tell u, dat I wore a new pair. N... MUMMY!! WHY MUST U BELI YG MCM INI PUNYA???? My mum bought a cute but very weird one. I mean, I looked like a doll! I rushed to my class, n one of my classmates, Yen Ting looked at me. Not at my face to be exact but at my kaki! Haha. 'Waa, new shoes ouh!' Ya2... New shoes.

CHAPTER 2 (Sept 8)
Ok... I think I was a lazy cat today. Huhu. Dtg jak gi skul, truz tido. Haha. Mngantuk sgt la tu. Actually, I'm on duty to keep the floor clean today. Me n FJ. Tuesdays. I... I dtg skul awal... At 0607. So, I wanna have a short nap. Just one short nap. I was da 1st human... I mean, yg smpai dulu. So, tido jak la... No one's there. N... After a while, I woke up. WTF?! Da klaz pnuh suda with 3A students! WHAT?! NO!!!! OK! B-b-but... I think I sleep ndak lama jak. But why...??? URGH! I glanced at my watch. It's pukul 0645! N I saw FJ dah pegang pnyapu. She handed one to me. But I geleng my head. Just wanna fool her actually. Haha.

FJ: Nah, tombongz! Eee... Tido jak keja.
Me: Like I want to
FJ: Oi! U're on duty today, sweetie
Me: Me dun wan!
FJ: Fine! I'm so not going to ikut u shopping diz cuti Raya!
Me: Okie... Me cari org lain la... Lalala~
FJ: Ok2... I was joking...
Me: I'm serious.
Me: Haha. I was joking, babe!
FJ: Haha. Sgt lawak la?
Me: Ya... Come, give me da broom.
FJ: (Hit my butt)
FJ: Ndak nemu... Haha!
Me: Huh!

CHAPTER 3 (Sept 8)
Huh! Waktu REHAT! Woohoo! It's time to take ur hp out n play. I bring my hp every day. Jahat punya student. Mcm la me sorang jak yg bawa. Every one does! Nama jak kelas harapan... But, discipline... Huh! Mcm arang! Haha!!! Then, I went out to beli makanan at the canteen with FJ. N then, I saw him! Who is him? EEE! My new enemy la...! X. He looked at me. He stared at me. As if he's trying to hypnotize me. What ever. Ya, I have to admit dat his eyes memang berpotensi untuk memeltkan kaum perempuan at our school. But, not me. He's not my type. Plus, he's my enemy. Lalala~ Then, he walked my way. Whispered something at my right ear. Nasib FJ x nmpak... If she did, she's gonna kill me! I mean, FJ, my most beloved shopping buddy is one of the victims yg melted with his eyes. Duh! Ok, smbung my crita. U wanna know what did he whisper?? He said,' Nice shoes.' Whatta?! Is that all?? Memang sah wanna perbodohkan me. Ok... Itu waktu rehat. Now, the 7th class. I went to the toilet, again, alone. I, again, get bumped onto him. EEE! Dia tu! Is he stalking on me?? Scary... He didn't look at me but he langgar me. SENGAJA!!!

H: Oi! X pakai mata kha?
Me: Apa?! X pakai mata?? Sapa x pkai mata??
H: Dik la!
Me: Honey, I dun wanna start a stupid fight with u.
H: Like I want to
Me: Urgh! Silently said,'No balls.'
H: Apa??
Me: Nothing. Sy kata awk hensem hari ni.
H: Sy memang hnsem. Stiap hari. Awk tu yg buta
Me: (I looked at him from his head to his feet)
H:Pa pndang2?
Me: Zip x tutup lagi.
H: Sbarang jak! Eeee!
Me: Hahahaha! Ok, then. Buhbye!
H: Dasar prempuan gila.

Look! He started it first!

Ok... Waktu balik. Weee~ Mercy! I took out my hp n checked it. Any msg? No. Any call? No. Ok jak... A few seconds later, I saw 'NEW MESSAGE'. What? So, I press da 'READ' button there. It's from dat stupid guy again! Hee! I looked around. And I saw his face, behind me. WTF?! Huh! X pa, x pa. I'm good in acting. So, I replied. He, too, good in acting. We texted each other like there's nothing ever happened between us. Haha.

X: Jaga awk esok
Me: Nak jaga sy? X thanks.
X: As if I want to
Me: Owh.
X: Owh.
Me: Owh.
X: Owh.
Me: Where r u?
X: Behind u
Me: U're a paparazzi of mine, rite?
X: No. I'm ur enemy.
Me: What ever.
X: Aok jak.
Me: Oh, ya. I've sumthing to tell u.
X: What?
Me: My friend, Van kirim slm.
X: Which one?
Me: La... Da boom boom pow
X: X guna.
Me: Haha. She's pretty.
X: Buta ka?
Me: Nope. She's.
X: I still prefer ur shoes.
Me: Haha. My shoes.
X: I mean, the owner.
Me: Mksud?
X: I like u.
Me: Dh lupa perjanjian?
X: Oh. Haha. Ok2.
Me: Good2.

N... So on... He's weird. Way too weird. Duh! Huh~ Yeah, a perjanjian. Haha. We made a perjanjian. N it's a secret. . . xP


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