Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's LIFE!

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Today. It's Sept 9. Urgh! I hate this date. I know I shouldn't because I'll have to face the same date every year. Lol. Our teachers gave back our test papers. SUCKS! The worse result; BM. I will tell u my mark here. Huhu. I got 71. So menyedihkan. WTF?! I hate it so much! Huhu. But never mind, it's life. Look at the picture above. I'm one of them who's sitting there. I mean, everyone does. I think I'm on the bottom this time. Bottom! Pfft. Never mind. I just have to roll up a little bit then I wouldn't be too harsh to myself in the future. C'mon. A month before PMR. It's still a long way to go(trying to comfort myself, actually.). I can always try n do better within that month. Rite? YES!
And my BEST result is Maths! Woohoo! I love Maths since I was in Primary 4. I got 96 for it. Lol. It's a big difference... BIG! Lalala~ Everyone hates their result for BM. Me too. I'm not excluded. Haha. I'm listening to Muzik. FM. N they're tuning a song by Rossa. HEY, LADIES! Well, it's a nice song though. Ok... Chapter 1; habiz!

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This time, I wanna share what had happen earlier this morning at school in the class. Our Geo teacher, Madam Kieu gave us some paper works. Lol. When I've got mine already, I have 35 pieces. Byk worr! Then, she asked us to arrange them in order. And I did. I divided them by 3. All I need to do next is to staple them. For the 1st n 2nd sets, I did well in stapling. When it comes for the 3rd set; the last one; I faced a difficulty. Haha. I tried to staple it but nothing happened. And I did check the staplers n the staples. But nothing's wrong. Huh~ WTH?! Staple punya staple, x juga menjadi. I think I've made a big scar on my papers. Ugly. So, I asked my best friend, Flora to help me. Same result, nothing happened. Urgh! 'This is so pissing me off!' It's no longer a big scar, it turned into a hole. Getting uglier! SHIT! Flora gave up. She almost step on my papers but luckily, I stopped her. Huhu. Sampai hati. Without a sound, my best girl, FJ took my paper n try to staple it for me. NEGATIVE. U know what, she said, 'This is so a FUCKING CUTE PAPER OF MY BEST FRIEND! JUST BURN IT!' Lagi la kejam. Huhu. Huh~ After a while, I took it from her hand n smile happily (trying to calm myself down). I closed my eyes n... n.... n... it worked! I did it! At last... N that cracked Bernard nominated my paper as the ugliest paper of the day. I did punch him. Lol. 'Oww!' His word... It's silly day!

It's a very2 hard-to-describe day. Undescribable day.

Song of the day:
The Climb by Miley Cyrus