Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm falling in LOVE!

SPOT CHECK! Aduh! Haha. Today, we're facing a supa dupa day. Lol. Ada spot check boh. All form 3 students. So funny. 4 prefects itu were very2 xsen, u know. Urgh! Like I care.

1st pre: Spot check!
Ricky: Wtf?!
Me: Urgh.
Cab: Holy shit!

Look. Nice one, rite? Semuanya bhsa kotor. Ish3... My friends ini.

Then, they asked us to q-up. Eeee! Xsen btul... Oh, ya! Masa da 1st prefect shout 'SPOT CHECK!' I was texting my lesbo partner, Diana. Shit. Do u know, where did I put my hp? I put it inside my bra. Lol. I'm NOT a secretive person. So, I will tell everything if I feel like to. Lala. I thought I'm da only one yg buat mcm itu. Flo too. She did the same... N Ricky, he told me dat he hid his hp inside his underwear. I'm so not gonna touch his hp, ANYMORE! Haha. At least he told me. Lala. Kalau tidak, lalulilelo. Haha. It was so stupid, u see. But they did take my liquid paper n nail polish away... Ee! Haha. I can always buy a new one. So nadai msalah la. Huh~ But me ndak care. Ok, enough with da S-C thingy. Topic, CLOSE!

Lib time! I love this class! Haha. But not the teacher in-charge. Ew! Dat cikgu is vry xsen, u know. Lala. Hm... X duduk jauh from me today. Tak smpat mau reserve tmpat. Lala. It's ok. Like I care. We couldn't make a lot of noises today as the teacher was xsen. Haha. Xsen jak. But we did text one another. Lala. Dat cikgu, very lawak. So... He texted me. I mean, X.
N so on... At the end of the period, we all rushed to pack our barangs. Bkoz we have to go to da labs. Lala. Science. I love Science. I walked behind X just now. N he did something dat I never thought of. Wanna know?? Ok... He... Dia... X... He laughed crazily as he walked in front of me. Gila itu lelaki. Maybe there's something that made him. Haha. GILA. I was surprised. What happened to diz guy? Then he turned, he looked at me. I asked him with a weird look(which people always said I look cute if I do so),' Why are u laughing dat way?' He didn't answer me but he did SMILE SWEETLY! Apu! Okay, I have to admit that I've lost. But I didn't tell anyone. Except for this blog n da readers. I never adored nor fell in love with his smile for this long. B-b-but today... I DID. Fell in LOVE. Crap! I can't do dat. Don't tell me DAT I'm in love with his smile! Aduh! My kedudukan tergugat. Haiz! Gila me dibuatnya! Honestly la, I can't forget his smile. Shit! It was so sweet! No wonder my friends tergila2kan him. I've melted. Eee! I have to bekukan myself back! He did text me waktu balik. N...

X: I laughed bkoz Y(bukan initial sebenar) told me something stupid.
Me: Oh, ok...
X: I was crazy. I know.
Me: Ya. U were.

N so on...

P.S: I've realized something. My recent posts were full with his topics, rite?

He... Made... Me...

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