Saturday, September 12, 2009


Ok...! Let me scream. Woohoo! I know, I know. Mcm org gila, aite? I dun care. I attended da One Day Project which was organized by St. Thomas. It's from 9 a.m. til 04.45 p.m. Yeah, it's a One Day Project. Lama wor! We sang n prayed. Cried n laughed. I just can't imagine it. I mean, I don't know what to post. U see, I was so happy!! I can feel...that...yesterday...*speechless* I came at 8-ish. I told my mum dat I balik at 2 sumthing bkoz u know, vry lama bha dat concert. Lalala. As I reached da Dewan Cenderawasih, I was like 'APU!'. Rmai org... I lmbat bha. I saw my friend, Willy waving as if I'll sesat. So, I joined him. I sat with mereka FJ, Flora, Roger, Florence, Gennieve n bla3. Trlalu ramai. That was the earlier part.

Tgh2 part of the day, Waseh! Haha. We worshiped n some of us did cry n I was not excluded. Huhu. After a moment... Nothing happened. Just blank. But it was just for a few minutes. Haha. X lama jak. N my hp vibrated. I checked it n I saw '1 NEW MESSAGE FROM X' Gosh! I forgot dat he'll come. Haha. Lulu. He said,' I saw u. Mcm budak2. Hyper.' Please don't tell me dat he wanna start a fight today. So I replied,' Yea. Biasa la. Dyona bha. So where r u?' N he answered,' Back here.' I turned around n I saw him. His eyes met mine but then they looked away. U see, me n him, we r so xsen bha! Haiz! Ok, I have a question which is haunting my mind rite now, today, this moment; 'Smpai bila la, I have to blakon utk tidak knal diz guy in da public?' U see, I don't know how to answer it! X pa, x pa. Life. Ok, his topik, CLOSE.

Okeyh! After da worshiping's over, there's a drama. St. Thomas organized it. OMGosh! Dat drama was so fantastic! I can't describe it! Fantastic is da only word which can describe it best. It was about human, satan n angels .A guy, who represented da human be in da middle. Angels n satan be on the right n left side respectively. Wuuu. Oh, ya! N da guy who represented us is Chester. Ada knal sama dia? Haha. Maybe some of u knal. Hehe.
Apu! I think he's da best player on stage. He played his role perfectly! The most stunning part was when angels n satan brebut utk dptkan him.'Oh, my...' Funny, my beloved girl, FJ was like 'Oooo...'. N da sweet dat she about to eat jatuh n at the same time her tears drop.. Haha. Kesian her. Nvm. It's juz a sweet. N of course, at the end of the drama, angels won. My friend, Nancy cried. Emotional... Huhu. Me, too, I did cry. Girls. N da funniest part during da sobbing part, X texted me,' Cry?' So, I replied,' Yea.' I thought he'll answer,' Girls.' or 'Kesian. Mcm budak2.' But then he answered,' Me too. I'm crying.' N then... I... 'WHAT?! HE NANGIS? CAN I BELIEVE IT?' Haha. Then I looked back, I saw his face merah. Ahahahahaha!!! He made me laugh. But u see, dat drama was a 'GOSH!'. I love it so muchy! One Day Project is one of my sweetest n meaningful moment. :)


I went back at 5 p.m.. Wow! Kinda tired... Phew~ N haha, my voice changed. Serak2 bha. Maybe I shouted a lot. Of course. Da cameras were all on me. Haha. Rasa diri popular la tu tadik. Haha. But dat's da truth. I gave my mum a call. I waited at the bus stop with my girl, FJ. She brought a magazine along with her. It's CLEO. So, we read it together. Spotted a new style. N... New things. Bla3. N her brother amazed me so much. His name is Isaac. Duh! U know wat, everytime I see him, he'll amaze me with his height! Why is he so TALL?! Apu! If he keep on growing, he'll be tallest guy in his school. I guess. He's just 14! N yet, he's a few inches taller than me! I've to admit it dat I'm tall. One of the tallest girl in my school. N he, Isaac pula sgt tinggi. I mean, taller than me. Haha. I dun really care bout ketinggian bkoz I've dated a guy who is shorter than me. Lalala. No comment.


Song of the day:
Tiba Saatnya by Kami Semua